ILCBD.COM Copyright, Disclaimer & Terms of Service. Your email address will not be published. very organized and the store is spotless. of me. The first Sunnyside location will open in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in November with future locations planned for Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Arizona, Massachusetts and Michigan. the same thing over and over, but you chose this life!). And the reason i will return to Sunnyside, Cannabis Dispensary.. Cash back points can be converted into currency and redeemed once a customer has earned enough to pay for the product of their choice. thca % is considerably higher than is it when I get the actual product. We will sell our full house of cannabis brands, as well as others in all key forms, to ensure we offer the most compelling assortment for our customers and maximize the success of our retail footprint.".

That’s what I can’t get past - the value I lost by shopping there (not to mention the 3+ hours in line).

they gave out so many free snacks and the people in line were all really friendly! Even with the whole 4 hour wait it was absolutely worth it. I understand the website sucked, but atleast compensate. "Unlike traditional CPG industries, customer performance data is hard to come by within the cannabis industry.

There was nothing he could do. And yeah, the process of going from one location to the next is strange, but I’ve never felt it to be inconvenient. special hours. Great first experience and great selection, 5 stars based on the fact this is a new industry here in ny.

Beautiful inside and the staff was excellent!

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Go anywhere else for your weed, this place is garbage. I will not go back, and if you're concerned about being exposed, you shouldn't go there either, I would give them no stars if possible. By rewarding customers with points for every purchase you're guaranteed to increase customer retention, keep customers satisfied and incentivize one time shoppers to become repeat customers of your dispensary. Very convenient.

If they can't do it, I'm taking on contracts right now and would love to improve the usability of your website. Finally you enter another section where you must show ID one more time. A dispensary loyalty program is adopted by businesses because they want to reward people for choosing their store to make a purchase. The budtenders are awesome people! Prices continue to rise and they removed online discounting which was enough to offset the cost when you spent enough. Everyone is super friendly and pretty awesome. Once inside you get the counter, hand over your receipt and I.D ( 5 people who have had to stand within 2 ft and/or touch something I have touched at this point.) I think its a fun twist to have to go across the street to the actual dispensary after you check in with Audi, a little confusing at first, but fun in hindsight.