Start a file and turn the code on and then go to a different area such as inside the castle to then play as a yellow star in any level including outside the castle. Home. In this code press Z+D-Up to be Giant and press Z+D-Down to be Normal size.This code you just designed was not very easy, and other SM64 RomHack.. "Sound ""led"" Display"a032d5940001 Half Mario8033b2210000 Limbo Mario8033b3bc00c0 Mario Runs Backwards8033b3be0080 Remove M.. Paper mario mode:812535BE 3D00BIG foot:8033B3BB 0090F9 to sleep mario:8833B189 0003Invisible mario:8033B220 0020ICE mario:.. NTSC only8107EC20 00008107EC22 00008107EC24 00008107EC26 00008107EC28 00008107EC2A 00008107EC2C 00008107EC2E 00008107EC38 00FF.. chain chomp code:8134FFDC 80188134FFDE F02C81350004 801681350006 2E20make chain chomp look like pac-man code:80161D06 002380161D04 000.. © Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2020. If you just turn it on in the level, you'll be a normal-sized Boo. You can replace the Xs with the numbers below to change Bowser's size. For your chance to race Koopa the Quick as King Bob-omb, go to Bob-omb Battlefield, pick the second star and use this code. I just had to add seconds 'cause I'm like that. ?Replace ?? When you've made your way to Bob-omb Battlefield and selected star 1, turn the code on to play as the dog-like baddy. 8107EC38 007F. ( Unless you hit the ground before Mario says WHO)L to Run FastD033AFA1 0020A032C55B 00BBD033AFA1 0020A032C55B 00BBD033AFA1 00208133B2C0 0001D033AFA1 0020A032CCDD 0010D033AFA1 00208133B1C4 FFFFSlow-Go8133B1C5 0010Makes Mario sluggish, so he can no longer run.Screwy World8133B424 9999Sky World8133B424 1111The Everything World8133B424 1717Walk on Water81381764 080081381766 002481000090 3C0481000092 803481000094 848481000096 B1E681000098 44848100009A 3000810000A0 4680810000A2 3120810000A4 4604810000A6 903C810000AC 4500810000AE 0002810000B4 4600810000B6 2486810000B8 080E810000BA 05DB810000BC E712Yellow & White World8133B424 000ASound FX OffA11EE0A8 FFFFThis is useful when you want to listen to the music without any noises.Sharkfin World8133B424 1818Replace Stars with Cap Remaining Time8124B2C4 0C008124B2C6 00D28124B2CA 000681000348 33398100034A 000E8100034C 17208100034E 000281000350 871981000352 00B681000354 871981000356 00AA81000358 03E08100035A 00088100035C 3C018100035E 8034Music Speed Modifier80222622 00? Now's your chance to control Yoshi though still with Mario's voice and you MUST stay outside the castle with these codes on. Codes for getting the other caracters in SM64. Super Deadly Bowser Flame (SM803) 812B8AE6 3510 812B8AF2 00CD 810EE6A6 0008 802EAAE7 0089 D-Pad Controls Bowser (YE) D033AFA0 0008 8033D5D7 000C D033AFA0 0001 8033D5D7 0001 D033AFA0 0004 8033D5D7 000A D033AFA0 0002 8033D5D7 0004 (This will only work on the last Bowser. edited by grant. To play as a Big Bully, go to Lethal Lava Land and select any of the stars from 1-4. With 30, 32, 34, 36, 3830 normal cap in hand32 invisible cap in hand34 metal cap in hand36 invisible and metal cap.. Play as piano baddy in Big Boo's Haunt Star 1 (JS).

Play as Eyerok in Shifting Sand Land Star 1 (JS). Play As Bullet Bill Safety Code (YE) 8133B4D4 800F 8133B4D6 0860 (When you want to exit Whomp's Fortress, turn off Play As Bullet Bill then turn this code on. Super Mario 64 DS – Action Replay Codes [US] The following are known Action Replay Codes for Super Mario 64 DS on Nintendo DS (NDS). Play as Lakitu inside the castle second floor (JS). This cheat for Super Mario 64 [Nintendo64] has been posted at 28 Nov 2014 and is called "Luigi! We have 408 questions and 1,030 answers for this game. Play as Eyerok in Shifting Sand Land version 2 (JS). Play as the rabbit in The Princess' Secret Slide (JS). Play as Chain-chomp in Bob-omb Battlefield Star 1 (JS). The code also mutes Mario's voice. ?Fill "????" Sword & Shield Starter Evolutions Previously Leaked? It's in a Bowser level so I thought I'd put it in the video.) Sign up To play as a Manta ray, go to The Secret Aquarium and turn on this code. Play as Big Bully in Lethal Lava Land (JS). But it does mess shadows and paintings up.Orange Puff Sky8133B425 9999Pain in the Eye World8133B424 5324This is supposed to give you headaches.Press Game Shark Button for 255 Coins8933B218 00FFThis will not give you a star or any extra lives.8933B218 03E7, you get 999 coins instead of 255 coinsPress L to HoverD033AFA1 00208133B1BD 0000Press L for Koopa ShellD033AFA1 00208133B17C 2081D033AFA1 00208133B17E 0446L to LevitateD033AFA1 00208133B1BC 4220Must be in air or it won't work.L to Levitate at All TimesD033AFA1 00208133B1BC 4220D033B1BD 00208133B17C 0300D033B1BD 00208133B17E 0880This is a more glitchy code. Please note: even if you turn this code off and exit the course so Mario returns to his normal self, you may have trouble using the doors in the castle. Then, when you put on a metal cap you will be playing aS a Thwomp. )D134B89E 08608134B89C 8019D134B89E 08608134B89E 5C34Yoshi:D134B89E 08608134B89C 8019D134B89E 08608134B89E 4E28Yoshi's Foot (found by me :) )D134B89E 08608134B89C 8019D134B89E 08608134B89E 50AC, 8133B424 26858133B424 94768133B424 93858133B424 87858133B424 84858133B424 97818129D84E FFFFD033AFA0 00088033D483 0040D033AFA0 00048033D483 00008107EC20 FF808107EC22 80008107EC24 FF808107EC26 80008107EC38 00FF8107EC3A 40008107EC3C 00FF8107EC3E 40008107EC50 FF808107EC52 FF008107EC54 FF808107EC56 FF008107EC68 FF008107EC6A FF008107EC6C FF008107EC6E FF008107EC80 00408107EC82 00008107EC84 00408107EC86 00008107EC98 00008107EC9A FF008107EC9C 00008107EC9E FF008107EC40 FF008107EC42 00008107EC38 FF008107EC3A 00008107EC20 00008107EC22 00008107EC28 00008107EC2A 00008107EC20 50008107EC22 00008107EC28 FF008107EC2A 00008107EC40 FFFF8107EC38 50508107EC42 FF008107EC3A 500080207723 00018020770B 00C750001101 00008020770C 00FF8020770A 007E50000F01 000080207725 00648133B424 10108129D84E FFFFD033AFA0 00088033D483 0040D033AFA0 00048033D483 000081381764 080081381766 002481000090 3C0481000092 803481000094 848481000096 B1E681000098 44848100009A 3000810000A0 4680810000A2 3120810000A4 4604810000A6 903C810000AC 4500810000AE 0002810000B4 4600810000B6 2486810000B8 080E810000BA 05DB810000BC E71281255490 10008125572C 10008125572E 003181255490 10008125572C 10008125572E 003181250900 100081381764 080081381766 002481000090 3C0481000092 803481000094 848481000096 B1E681000098 44848100009A 3000810000A0 46808033B21D 00088033B21D 00648126B1D4 24008126B214 2400, Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites.

Get the first 2 stars in bob-omb battlefield in less than 5 minutes. When you are in Bob-omb Battlefield, having had selected star 2, turn the code on.

48 19 . Play as Chuk-ya Outside the castle version 2 (JS).

... (Due to differences in the two versions the NTSC cheat requires an extra code.) 30

Go to Bob-omb battlefield, choose the first star and when you are in the course turn this code on to play as a Butterfly.