Very influential. User Ratings It is a very mature, engrossing film with a metaphorical plot. Then, what we see developing is Sarah using Julie as the inspiration for her writing. Close. I think Sarah feels that everybody sees her as an object, not as a woman with sexual longings and desires. And there the fun begins. It’s probably still cheaper. | The gawky, tooth-banded teenager has, in all likelihood, been in Provence all along - and in the projection of the novelist's mind - fashioned into a femme-fatale that makes the LuDIVINE we see on our screens, (and as the central protagonist of the Rampling novel, were it at hand to be read)! (You know, the same way we think of our parents or grandparents.) Neither goes the direction in which the viewer thinks it's going to. I first saw the trailer for this film at Fredddy vs. Jason back in '03 and me and my friend were in hysterics at how lame it looked.

We 'accept' an idea of the incumbent blonde in all probability as that spoken of daughter. In the end, St. Agatha diverts from Catholicism nightmares of old by damning the innocent, ignoring preconceptions, and delivering a convent tale that bucks the system. Okay, I hate to give so much away but after watching the film, there's no other way to review in a way that it would make sense to the people reading the review other than to tell it like it is.

Read | What is leaving Netflix in July 2020? Maybe in this day of cartoon character/techno-effects/fast-paced action flicks, this type of leisurely paced, yet focused tale, is passé. ... Ozon lets us see his characters directly; and then through the mind of Charlotte Rampling's (as author) character.

From the opening credits it immediately begs for your attention and once it has you in its grasp, you will find you cannot escape. | Technology has come a long way since the 80s but model skeletons are still pretty terrible now and cost around $1000. She asked us to see it, and explain it to her. That, however, depends on your viewpoint; the action is stretched, but the relaxed tone of the film blends magnificently with the beautiful French scenery, and Ozon's attention to detail with the characters ensures that, although slow, Swimming Pool never descends into boredom and there's always something on offer for it's audience to enjoy. However, "Swimming Pool" is much more abstract, and its ending leaves you wanting to watch the whole thing over immediately with an entirely different perspective on the action. However, in the Swimming Pool movie, tragedy hits both the women when one night after spending some time with Julie at the swimming pool Franck disappears. Comments about rule breaking submissions will be removed, just hit report instead. While Julie still spoke of her as though she was alive. My vote is seven. You should watch it. Texas Chainsaw Massacre used real instead of fake skeleton(s) too. Other movies. I did not dislike this movie, but I believe it is indeed an excellent idea, wasted in a very disappointing conclusion.