Emperor invites Doctor to see Ning Yi, and Doctor tells him that Ning Yi is safe. Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Episodes 3-4.

Like everybody, I was rooting for a happy ending where he marries the love of his life, Feng Zhiwei.

But Xin Ziyan was arrested by assassins, and runs into Crown Prince. Crown Prince passes through, and admits to Chang Hai that he framed Ning Qiao, and wants to poison Ning Yi. He tells her that he will help her one time if she takes the keepsake to visit him. At the end of the series, I finally understood. I’ve been watching Royal Nirvana these days and have been thinking the same thing as you. Crown Prince catches the chance to ask emperor to send Prince of Zhao’s follower Ge Hongying to border. People will use her to attack the Emperor. If you love political intrigue, no doubt the Rise of Phoenixes will be a great show. He is furious, and swears to force Crown Prince to speak out he killed Ning Qiao. Crown Prince gives a ring to Ning Yi as gift, and Zhao Yuan likes it. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. It also makes sense why Master Xin Ziyan and the other officials are so loyal to him even though he never promised them great wealth and power. I love their chemistry so much that the sad ending was devastating for me. She takes the wooden statue to see Zhu Yin as she thinks it will damage Ning Yi. I think it wants to go the artistic and symbolic way, leaving ambivalent feelings so that viewers remember it for a long time. He also said that she was his only family left.

Somehow we just got magic in this drama? So I watched the TROP again, especially the last episode. His motto now make sense, “Eradicate all evil” “Regardless of the status, regardless of the connection. Prince of Zhao doesn’t know about hand halberd, and suspects it when Ning Yi mentions Ning Qiao’s death. I have wondered for so long. Zhu Yin tells Feng Zhiwei that her fate was changed because of witch craft case, and she became a nightclub singer from a noble miss. A wise ruler thinks about his people. On one spectrum, people commented it to be “phenomenal”. But Feng Zhiwei ignores it, Zhu Yin is curious why Feng Zhiwei avoids Ning Yi since he always helps her. ( Log Out /  As of now, the main cast of the show, Chen Kun is occupied with his upcoming movie The Weary Poet with the filmmaker Xu Haofeng.
I think TROP is never meant to be like Nirvana in Fire, a commercial success or a ‘complete and perfect’ work. Chang Hai worries Crown Prince to choose wrong path, and kneels to persuade him with his death. The Rise of Phoenixes is an intense political drama set in the early years of the fictional Tiansheng dynasty. I remember thinking to myself, since when Chinese dramas has gotten this beautiful? Ning Yi asks Feng Zhiwei to kneel down, and she tells him that she stays at Lan Xiang building for paying off his kindness, and what Crown Prince said at east palace. I was rooting for them. They have so many unfinished business.
If she commits suicide like that, it’s like pouring their efforts down the drain. Just then Xin Ziyan takes the Great Wizard to show up, and Great Wizard thinks the parrot is a phoenix. I’m warchig this for the second time n loving it even more than the first! Xin Ziyan gives Feng Zhiwei the keepsake, so that she releases him from the box. Ning Yi is highly intelligent and ambitious.