Such action words include analyze, compare, explore, and many others. From preliminary investigation, we can see we will need to explore Picasso as a person and his art to understand not so much what he saw, but how. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. You will only have 10 minutes to present your case, and a wide-angled approach will not give you enough time to conclude or explore in-depth. You’ll choose this from six options, released by the IB at the beginning of DP2. m. You may distribute this document freely, but do not remove this disclaimer. To help you understand what is meant by these steps, here are 10 examples with relevant RLS.

TOK essay titles: May 2020. Why is Academic Writing Important for a Student. Perhaps students could also think about the extent to which expert knowers use analogies, so BQ8.. Key words & terms to pin down The term ‘theory’ is a broad one, so students should outline how they will interpret this word, noting that the essay refers to ‘every’ theory.

If your school is a member of, we have designed a series of lessons on the essay, with two formative assessment tasks.

If you use only . We can’t, unfortunately, reply to all of these, but we will try our best to offer answers to the most frequently asked, and post them here.
I have seen what could be and asked why not” (Pablo Picasso).

These are simple guidelines designed to help you pick the right TOK essay titles. What role do ‘knowledge questions’ play in the TOK essay? Make it a topic that you can relate to some part of your life. These will familiarize you with the essay rubric, knowledge questions, real-life situations, how to deal with perspectives and implications, and structuring an essay.

Explanations may draw on different perspectives, which would link it to BQ6. These are words that direct or command you to do something.

TOK Prescribed Titles November 2019

In this case, you will not as the title commands you to assume it to be true. To what extent does social media infringe on privacy and personal safety? Knowledge questions (KQs) are at the heart of TOK, and you’ll explore them throughout the course. Pick out any explicit requirements in the title and list them out. However, that is only 67% of the work. The title could also relate to personal and shared knowledge, which makes BQ4 relevant.. Tickets are now on sale for the May 2020 TOK Essay Webinar. One thing you will need is real life situation, which comes easier if you can associate the title to something, which happened/happens to you. You can read the whole rubric in the TOK subject guide, on page 48. The rubric identifies four key characteristics of a very good (ie 9/10 out of 10) essay.

You will also have to come up with a TOK presentation. was established more than a decade ago, and has supported thousands of educators and students all over the world.

“There is a sharp line between describing something and offering an explanation of it.” To what extent do you agree with this claim? Links to Analogies are obviously ways in which we represent knowledge, so this question is related to BQ5.

Find out more about membership features, and how to join, here, and download a selection of free lesson samples from this page. In terms of the essay, the questions you consider about knowledge should all come from the title, and you are not expected to identify any separate KQs. This page offers a few thoughts on the May 2020 TOK essay prescribed titles, and links each title to the.