Peak Just Chatting viewing, however, occurs in the early afternoon during the week, with a higher concentration of viewing occurring on Sunday. It is therefore difficult to disentangle Twitch revenue from that if its parent company’s empire. 115935. We do know, through Twitch Tracker, that the average number of concurrent viewers stood at 1.4 million over February 2020, with peak Twitch viewing figures just a shade shy of 4 million – a threshold exceeded during the coronavirus lockdown that followed. Accounting for 3% of hours broadcast but 11% of hours viewed in Q1 2020, it is another potentially high-impact channel for creators. Is there any way to filter by country or is it completely over? As of April 2020, Alexa ranked Twitch 33 in the world for engagement and traffic, while SimilarWeb placed it 48. We should also look out for developments outside of the gaming world. Russian-language content is also popular on Twitch, with csgomc_ru taking second place – albeit some distance behind TheGregf. This is followed by social sources (7.18%) and searches (6.2%). Whether Twitch’s livestreaming format works with this remains to be seen – but as the rise of Twitch itself has proven, the future of web content is a mug’s game to all but those roundly in the know. neymarjr. Even the Fortnite World Cup in June 2019, with a $30 million prize pool, could not edge this out, reaching 1.28 million peak concurrent viewers. The problem is that I live in a place with a really small Twitch community (Argentina) and we used a Twitch Community to kind of gather every streamer from here. Total VALORANT hours viewed in this one-week period came to 149 million hours. YouTube lags some way behind, at around the 0.9 million mark over the second half of 2019. Indeed, the phenomenon of channels broadcasting to no one on Twitch has been well documented. The highest concurrent viewership for an individual channel was previously held by League of Legends player Tyler1, who after returning from a two-year ban for uncivil behaviour, amassed close to 380,000 concurrent viewers in January 2018. According to insider sources, Twitch generated $230 million in 2018, and was on course to deliver $300 million over the course of 2019. The Twitch universe is built on personalities – also known as influencers. Fortnite hosts its own tournaments – the figure listed here is from the Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament June 2018, also featured in the most-concurrently viewed event listed above. According to Twitch Stats, the best thing to stream on Twitch in terms of ratio of viewers is ‘slots’ – which encompasses a range of online casino type games. Average concurrent viewers: Twitch vs. YouTube Gaming Live vs. Mixer, Q1 2018 – Q4 2019. A indicates the channel is no longer active on the platform. Some of the most eye-catching Twitch statistics fall into this category. In absolute figures that’s 143 million Twitch viewers, compared to 127 million in 2019. The early days of the coronavirus pandemic (the time of writing) saw an influx of viewers to Twitch, with average concurrent viewers increasing 12% year-on-year in March (as of midway through the month)- the biggest year-on-year increase since August 2019. Amazon’s Lumberyard free game development platform is integrated with AWS, allowing developers to develop and host games on Amazon serves. The number of average channels has also slowed after seeing rapid growth between 2017 (24,700) and 2018 (41,100 – 67% growth), with 2019 (49,500 – a still solid 20% growth) and 2020 (56,400 – 14%) seeing more modest growth. A platform to help your sales, product and advertising teams be smarter and more efficient. A second edition was due to be held in Amsterdam in May 2020, but was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this instance it was Amazon that saw the huge potential of Twitch. Cheers are another prospective source of revenue for Twitch broadcasters. Average concurrent channels Twitch, 2012-2020. This a global snapshot, so much of this activity is likely to be generated in east Asia (12-13 hours ahead, so completely inverse) and Europe (5-6 hours ahead). It has since removed this stat from its resources, presumably as it does not show Twitch in the best light…. Mixer remains a bit-part player, as of this point, and with declining viewing hours, threatens to stay that way unless something changes, Total viewing time: Twitch vs. YouTube Gaming Live vs. Mixer, Q1 2018 – Q4 2019, millions of hours. The above events refer to single events broadcast over several Twitch channels. Twitch has reportedly pursued a number of celebrities (including Will Smith) and online influencers to in order to expand beyond game content, and ultimately challenge YouTube as a content platform. This does give us an indication, however, of the enthusiasm which hotly-anticipated new properties from revered developers can garner. Since 2012, VC investment into the esports sector has increased exponentially. And if further proof was needed of the international diversity of Twitch’s appeal, third-place Elraenn (349,875) is a Turkish influencer…. Most-broadcast games on Twitch by channels, mid-April 2019. Here, we see the benefit of a lower number of streamers, with YouTube laying claim to by far the best figure of 74, compared with Twitch’s 28 in Q4 2019. Twitch has also won the rights to stream minor NBA games, USA international basketball games, and the NFL’s Thursday Night Football – diversifying from the world of gaming. Acting on this interest, the site relaunched later in 2007, allowing users to create their own channels and broadcast their own content through the platform. This bumped the previous incumbent, a visibly-distressed DrDisrespect, in the aftermath of shots being fired at his home while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, with 3.67 million views (it was later found to be a BB gun). He is followed by (HasanAbi) at 2.1 million hours, and allkeyshop_tv at 2 million hours. Alexa ranks Twitch 33 in terms of  global traffic and engagement, rising to 14 in the US (April 2020). And by August 2014, Twitch had become an Amazon property, with just short of $1 billion changing hands in its acquisition of the streaming platform, which was now up to 55 million monthly active users, and accounting for 1.8% of peak internet traffic – behind only Netflix, Apple, and Google. Numbers from TwitchTracker, which collates real-time as well as long-term Twitch statistics, show increases in the average monthly Twitch broadcasters. Well, although esports tournaments regularly fill huge real-life stadia usually reserved for pop royalty or high-profile sporting events, the largest share of viewing takes place online. Perhaps the reported $20-30 million paid by Microsoft to Blevins helped convince him of the merits of Mixer…. This is not limited to Partners and Affiliates. The gradual release of this new title (a first look at which already came close to smashing concurrent viewership records) is clearly a major event in the games streaming calendar. These stats also give us a snapshot of Facebook’s performance. Twitch has acquired four different businesses since it was bought by Amazon. The platform is yet to take off, however, with only a handful of games released or currently in development. Twitter follows, with the resonance here found in the digestible nature of the clips, and Reddit comes third, with significant overlap in audience demographics. Beyond the above, Warcraft-spinoff Hearthstone (31,496 viewers, 238 channels – 131 average), tournament favourite Dota 2 (57,677 viewers, 687 channels – 83 average), and the modern update of schoolyard favourite Magic: The Gathering (7,532 viewers, 105 channels – 72 average) deliver strong viewer to channel ratios. Year-on-year increases in Twitch viewers, 2019 vs 2020. More up-to-date stats on daily and monthly unique Twitch viewers are not available at the time of writing. They are able to earn this status through regularly reaching and interacting with large audiences. Twitch announced it had acquired ClipMine in August 2018. After gaining traction on Reddit, where irreverence reigns, the clip has gone to be viewed 3.71 million times (as of April 2020). Twitch took on the company’s team, but all products will be discontinued. Launched in June 2016, this is essentially a form of digital tipping, made through Twitch’s own currency of ‘Bits’. Before long, Twitch was vastly eclipsing, to the extent that parent company Inc was rebranded at Twitch Interactive. Grand Theft Auto V saw a peak in viewership (proportionally at least) in April 2019, while the festive period in 2019/2020 saw a short-lived boost in viewership for Escape from Tarkov, which claimed 14% of viewers for a single week.