3. On inauguration day, you will enter an office of empty desks and files, data shipped off to archives and hard drives wiped clean. Finding Evidence in Books From My Grandma�s the Mayor Narrative TextFrom What�s a Mayor? Directions: Put these words in the correct places on the graphic organizer: mayor makes council enforces court interprets 2nd Grade Local Communities SS020304 Unit 3: How Do Citizens Live Together in a Community? The second newbie mistake would be to buy in to the myth of the imperial mayoralty, assuming that just by issuing orders, directives and commands, your workers and fleets will follow. Lastly there is the buzz of everything else: community breakfasts, fundraisers, neighboring cities and officials, Olympia, the occasional photo op at The White House. The mayor, council and School Board are important. » Cover Story. 5. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” We have heard these words many times in the past. Richmond is truly at a crossroads, but we’re not going to get to the next level unless we transform city government and make sure we’re advocating on behalf of all Richmonders, not just a few. We need a fresh, new, dynamic leader who can harness our momentum. Our editorial team strives to reveal Richmond's true identity through unflinching journalism, incisive writing, thoughtful criticism, arresting photography and sophisticated presentation. Which candidates have done anything remotely like that before? These are all difficult problems that can only be fixed with strong focus and commitment. They will keep you awake many nights, regardless. Copyright © 2020 And the detailed reports those departments send you every few weeks? This branch is made up of a court. Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities would be some of the larger companies in the city if they stood alone. Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn talks to the crush of media who came to witness the first same sex marriages. � Recognizing and enhancing the values of the population served leads to a world-class education system. (SS020304) What Do Mayors Do? You’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem. 8. News & Features 10 things you should know, Why Washingtonians deserve a closer look at their democracy, How Seattle protesters went from the streets to the ballot box, How WA officials are fighting election interference in 2020, WA election campaign staff protest working conditions, poor pay, Seattle filmmaker reimagines Skagit Valley as a horror movie, Coronavirus sparks a radio drama revival in Seattle, Three reasons you should watch ‘What the Constitution Means to Me’. Skills include 35 years serving city advisory boards, civic associations, community development corporations, churches and private sector commercial development. I attended Richmond Public Schools, the University of Virginia and Harvard; now a registered architect, offering a new professionalism with actual real-world experience. � F� � � � � | | | d �7 | | | �7 | | | ���� Graphic Organizer Big Ideas Card Big Ideas of Lesson 4, Unit 3 Local, or community, governments are divided into three parts, or branches. Informational Text Attends meetings Listen to ideas from people in the community Try to help solve community problems Attend openings of new businesses Survey the community during events like storms Work with the fire and police departments Help handle emergencies Act as leaders of community governments. And — How to say this? What divesting from Seattle police is really about, Capitalism, competition, and why antitrust is so confusing. Not to mention taking care of yourself, your home and family, your own energy and health. It’s time to start telling our citizens they matter by providing them the best services possible. click to enlarge Scott Elmquist New WA law helps Native voters this election. One branch decides what the laws mean. “Save our Schools” is code for “We want to reintegrate our schools. I am running because I have the experience and passion to build a high-performing city government, and because I know I can unite the community in support of our children.