If you are not sure what you are going to get, err on the strong side or you risk losing your catch.

The Seaguar Premier is also of good quality, but it’s not as stiff.

In competition when test is specified, anglers must use light line to land heavy fish.

It is by far the most popular big game fishing line according to online sales.

“We use 200-pound test and dangle a flying fish from a helium balloon to catch these monsters,” Price told …

Another option is the popular Shimano Butterfly or other metal jigs, which I started fishing more often last season with consistent results.

Verner scoured the encyclopedia of fishing knots he’d accumulated over the years and ultimately decided on a 35 turn bimini twist for the terminal end of his line. Find a neighbor, buddy or moderately reluctant spouse who has a few spare minutes, lockdown the drag and put up to 20 pounds of pressure on the line while laying it on the reels so there won’t be problems later on with the line burying into itself. Spinning gear, on the other hand, is generally thought of as light-line finesse tackle, best suited for bass, trout, and panfish—hardly suitable for bluefin tuna fishing.

Then came the realization: the fish was still on, the reel still intact. The author with Ja This is how much pressure needs to be applied to your fishing line to break it. Your email address will not be published.

Invest in a sound pair of split-ring pliers and you will love the convenience of this setup! Paul Hebert: It was in the skiff with my dad, the fish was 1,287 pounds, and we caught two that day by hand line. Therefore you need to pay attention to your gear choices and how you put it all together, starting from the line and ending at the lure. Line loses up to a third of its strength at the knot, so we recommend that you size fishing line generously, even though the actual breaking strength exceeds its rating by approx.

TJO: $27 per pound in North Carolina in 2004, but in the mid 1990s my dad got one for $44 pound in Gloucester.

Monofilament nylon fishing line, like this Andes Premium Monofilament, is cheap and popular. This was the response Ben Verner, President of Huk Gear, received when word got out about his plan to go bluefin tuna fishing on a Stella spinning reel.When Drew Herma, Director of Marketing at Huk, heard Verner's crazy idea, he was supportive but didn't see how it was possible. Available in line weights of 6 lb to 150 lb and lengths of 300 yards to 1097 yards. For example, early last summer I was throwing out silver and pearl RonZ over and over with surprisingly little action, as these had been my number-one colors from the year before. Bream, flathead, salmon, larger native fish, Marlin, large tuna, sharks, large kingfish. Your choice of gear and how to rig it for these vertical jigging outings is critical.
Smaller Diameter – compared to other brands allowing you to stuff more fishing line on your fishing reels. Sure, anglers have been known to use spinning gear to catch larger species like redfish, snook, and striped bass, but a half-ton fish? When targeting giant bluefin tuna we use a bimini twist knot to create at approx 20ft length of double main line passed twice through the eye of a 300-400lb ball bearing swivel. retailer logo to see prices or purchase. (I also have similar combos holding 100-pound C16 and a 130-pound fluorocarbon leader.)
These monsters aretorpedoes.

Click on any of the images or names to Please, These hooks have a smaller visible profile the “J” hooks of the same rating (great for line-shy fish), Circle hooks virtually ensure the hook will set on the corner of the mouth reducing the chance that the tuna’s teeth will chafe through the leader, Circle hooks ensure the least amount of damage to fish that are destined to be released, 6’0″ conventional stand-up rod rated for 130lb mono, Lever drag conventional reel rated for 80lb mono. My rule of thumb is no knots; I splice and crimp everything. Maybe it is just superstition, but on dark, overcast days, I reach for the darker colored line. The best fishing line for tuna is KastKing SuperPower Superline braided fishing line. The special proprietary treatment allows the supple fishing line to fly through the guides to your target and provide better lure swimming action. What does it feel like when a 200-pound bluefin tuna that’s capable of swimming at over 40 miles per hour slams a jig? Vertical jigging is absolutely a fantastic technique for catching bluefin tuna. Tuna reels should hold around 600 – 1000 yards of line. Your email address will not be published. So if you have four pound test line on your reel, it will take a fish four pounds … The VSB250 will hold 300 yards of 80-pound-test Cortland C16 spliceable braid, to which I add a 90-pound-test fluorocarbon leader. And if you’re lucky or brave enough to hook one of these beasts, you’re in for a real test of strength and endurance. As soon as he took the bait, line ripped off the reel at a terrifying speed.