It also reads indoor temperature and humidity from -4 to 158 degrees F. This keeps you in the loop about the real state of your firearm safe in terms of Humidity, Temperature, and Relative Temperature. Locate the dehumidifier in a convenient location for humidistat adjustment and seasonal filter change /cleaning. If I put a space heater down there, as the temperature rise the RH goes down. If the humidity level is still too high, consider installing a crawl space dehumidifier.

The base unit can have up to three remote sensors and read the wireless sensor up to 100 feet. If so, look for plumbing leaks and drainage issues. L'Essenziale Home Designs, The kind of dehumidifier you pick depends on the conditions and the size of your crawl space. Keep your home healthy for many years of trouble-free maintenance by keeping your crawl space dry! You may have to create holes in dividing walls to create a path for return air to circulate between the divided sections. Maintaining proper crawl space humidity levels is important for discouraging mold growth and other unhealthy conditions. It reduces the possibility of structural damage, which is due to wood rot. The screen may light up for more convenient and easy reading. Crawl space vents are an outdated fix for humidity in the crawl space. That’s the installation of a crawlspace dehumidifier. All prices are in USD I've only had it for 2-weeks, so can't comment on durability. Another user loves how accurate ThermoPro TP65 is. Crawl space dehumidifiers also need to have a stronger fan to ensure that dry air circulates around the tight spaces and around corners. The product uses the included DC 5V power adapter or the separately bought 3 AAA batteries as its power supply. Place the display inside the house and draw the cord through a ventilation hatch inside the crawl space. Best Hygrometer For Crawl Space Or Basement Acu-Rite 00592A4. Greenwood, South Carolina 29646. A concrete wall with an even surface would be ideal to ensure that no standing water is trapped in the internal drain pan. Measure the humidity levels in your crawl space with a digital thermo-hygrometer. The hygrometer measures Relative Humidity ranging from +/- 2°F, +/- 2% RH with excellent accuracy. Base unit requires 2AA batteries and wireless sensor requires 2AA batteries included. It is a handy device that shows remote temperature and humidity through a wireless transmitter. We live in Pennsylvania, our Crawlspace is always around 42-44 F in the winter, I did buy this off Amazon but it was the same model. If it’s too high, identify the problem and fix it. Over time, these tiny leaks add up to big water problems. The accuracy of the readings are ±2~3%RH for humidity and ±1°F for temperature. It isn’t only beneficial to the health of your family, but also the value of your home. Cover the soil with a vapor barrier and you will drastically lower your indoor humidity. Bulk water is standing water in the crawl space. One of these is its LCD screen display that is easy to read and shows the current outdoor or indoor temperature and percentage of the humidity. You can find one as low as $15 dollars. transmitter could be mounted inside a crawl space or basement, best environment for mold to thrive and grow. About UsContact UsFinancingService AreasReviewsCareersBlogFree Quote, Vapor Barrier Installation Crawl Space Encapsulation Structural Repair Foundation Repair Prevent Crawl Space Flooding Sump Pumps and French DrainsWater Management, Virginia Beach4970 Euclid RoadVirginia Beach, VA 23462757-301-5088, Newport News11815 Fountain Way Suite 300Newport News, VA 23606757-460-0444. This gives me daily visibility of my crawlspace temperature and humidity. It took me approximately 1/2 hour to prepare the opening to receive the smart vent. The device takes pride in its four-inch LCD display with big numbers that make it easy to read at far distances.

You can navigate it easily and you can quickly access information through its great display. The numbers are big enough for you to read. A data logger can be placed in the crawl and be set at various time intervals. It also gives you valuable information to make adjustments to the crawl space environment before you have a disaster. It best to place the dehumidifier on concrete blocks (hanging the dehumidifier can transfer noise to the space above).

Use a professional company for this step so you know it’s done right. Here are a few of the bad side effects of high humidity in your crawl space: Mold and mildew on the wood cause wood rot which destroys the stability of your home. A damp crawl space could lead to a variety of health and safety problems in your home. Advanced Search | Great product....thanks! Keeping the right crawl space humidity level is crucial for the health of your home.

This has a humidity range of 20% up to 90%, minimum or maximum memory. How much does it cost to encapsulate a crawl space? Click here for more pictures, reviews and current pricing. With its touchscreen display, it easily illuminates for several seconds so it can be read in dark places. Make sure the dirt slopes away from the foundation. If you have a dirt floor in the crawl space, a vapor barrier is crucial. It’s highly recommended that you choose an energy-efficient one that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance because you won’t like having to squeeze in and out of your tight crawl spaces every other day to maintain your dehumidifier. Once it reaches 70%, you will know it is time to break out your dehumidifier. It provides accurate measurements, whether it’s for temperature or indoor humidity. Nothing is actually changing, just this devices ability to read accurately. After installation of a thermo-hygrometer, you’ll know if you’ve got a ground moisture evaporation problem. Crawl Space Hygrometer w/Remote. Easy install. It means that weeks after heavy rain are typically when the symptoms get worst. This makes this tool very practical and convenient to use. The humidity gauge and indoor thermometer isn’t only accurate, but also user-friendly. It enables you to be aware if an adjustment is necessary for your household. I have mine placed about a third of the way up (18x18x24 Zoo Med tank) towards the back corner. High humidity levels in your crawl space can cause porous materials like insulation and wood to soak up moisture like a sponge.

All customers who purchase it can enjoy a money back guarantee good for 30 days.

Other than that, you will be glad to know that you can use different sensors with this. The vapor barrier protects the air you breathe inside your home. This product comes with one remote wireless sensor and one base unit. It’s a thick sheet of plastic that covers the floor of your crawl space. This product allows you to keep an eye on what is happening in the crawl space without going down there. It will monitor with 60m or 200ft remote range, which can get a strong signal. Creating a longer distance from intake to discharge will create a cross current that will help dry the entire space more efficiently.