This trap has so many applications. Leave bait in the trap… I can say that rodents are nowadays intelligent, and some may end up stealing the bait without being trapped. It does so humanely to spare the lives of these creatures.

A better bet is to buy a one or two-door squirrel trap. My first trap was given to a friend and it didn't make it back before I decided I needed another one. Not my decision. The trap is ready for action. I have one just stolen from me and need to replace it. As if that’s not enough, here are more features. The no-kill trap is safe for both humans and target captures. Small grids of the sturdy steel mesh make it impossible for the cheeky few rodents to steal the bait. On my list, there are both of them. That’s when you can capture even the largest of all squirrels around your residence or farm. Free shipping.

Also remarkable is the sturdiness of the cage. The Gingbau cage trap is also known for its huge size, which saves you the effort of cleaning and setting up the trap again and again. My friends see it, then want one.

This can happen when the mesh grid is large, which isn’t the case with the VIVIHOME trap. Win win it appeared to me, I have to purchase one and try it. Finally, as you want to trap the squirrel, sprinkle some corn at the mesh bottom of the trap. It is placed on a block wall used as a through fair. This will attract the squirrel to the trap; however, since the pipe is slippery, and narrow, it won’t be able to get a grip in … I tested my initial settings for trip force, and trigger/pan overlap. You might have a hint of the sizes that often cause menace at your farm or in your house. *HAVAHART* Live Animal Trap 16" Wire Cage CHIPMUNKS Squirrel Moles Rat 0745. You’ll have to unfold it (easily), and while doing so, the metal plate should be on the ground — it’s the trap. With a single pull of a lever, the trap is set for its job. Since I have been setting it out daily with peanut butter I have trapped 35 squirrels and 1 possum, I highly recommend this but I would get rust resistant version for extended years of use! That wasn't working at all and convinced the better half we need a plan "B". The traps reviewed above are the surest way to capture, hence get rid of these rodents. Use the mounting hardware that's available and go. If you put safety first, make sure that you cart this one while stocks last. OxGord has multiple years of experience in the safety industry, and you can’t find a reason not to trust it. If it is set right, no bait is needed. The RatzFatz is also easy to set up and there’s a user manual attached with the package to further demystify steps to follow for specific activities. Repairs will be made in short order but the critters need to go first dear, he said... They can cause diseases (to you and/or your pets), cause damage, and sometimes disaster! I love these traps. I believe the pan bolt should be moved away 1 to 2 inches to give greater sensitivity and ease of setting. Only 1 left! A little hard to set but the safety catch works great. The trigger is very sensitive, and it works with the gravity-action doors perfectly to trap the rodent(s).

Baited the trap as suggest by placing peanut butter & bird seed mixture inside top of tube. A little peanut butter on each end plus a teaspoonful above the trigger proves irresistible.

It does the trick every time. It's easy to set and to remove trapped squirrels from. The Gingbau collapsible cage trap brings home convenience and safety. I suspect it works fine on larger animals. 1. Also, you should remember that a low budget doesn’t mean that you have to end up with a low-quality product. Good news — You can still get free 2-day shipping, free pickup, & more. The material also gives an idea of durability.