In puncto Torpedobewaffnung war sie unübertroffen. so you may want to give up a 3 points skill for the torp reload. Instead of using all three launchers, why not use only two and reserve the third later? play smart, and you can kill most USN DD, greatly damage KM DD, and sometimes able to kill russian DD (make sure to avoid the Khaba until no choice) Because Shimakaze was an experimental type, she was not given the highest priority in construction, however the delays did mean that she was completed with a Type 22 (surface and air search) radar set, one of the first in for destroyers in the Japanese navy. X-Ray Papa Unaone+15% Wirkungsdauer des Verbrauchsmaterials „Nebelerzeuger“. Adrenaline Rush -0.2% to reload times of all types of armament for each 1% of total health lost.+0.2% squadron speed for each 1% of total health lost. Brandschutz -10% BrandwahrscheinlichkeitDie Höchstzahl der Feuerquellen auf Schiffen wird auf drei verringert. You need to play a total of 20 battles to post in this section. Shimakaze also boasts the absolute lowest detection range of any Tier X destroyer, further adding to the play style of the main line of Japanese destroyers. Vorrangiges ZielVorrangiges Ziel zeigt dem Spieler an, wie viele Gegner mit ihren Hauptgeschützen auf das Schiff des Spielers zielen.Für Flugzeuge von Flugzeugträgern zeigt dieser Wert, von wie vielen Schiffen aktuell die Flugabwehr auf die eigenen Flugzeuge wirkt.

Diese Seite wurde bisher 122 mal abgerufen. Shimakaze — Japanischer Stufe X Zerstörer. Der erste und einzige Zerstörer der Kaiserlich Japanischen Marine mit Fünflingstorpedowerfern. +10% to continuous damage from AA guns. A long but hopefully informative and good video on Shimakaze. If you dive into caps early and try to fight it out with other DD"s, you're gonna have a short game. Shimakaze engages an enemy Montana and Yūgumo. Hotel Yankee-20% weniger Schaden, wenn man den Gegner rammt.+50% am Gegner verursachten Schaden durch Rammen, November Foxtrot-5% Nachladezeit jedes Verbrauchsmaterials. Preventative Maintenance -30% to the risk of incapacitation of main turrets, torpedo tubes, steering gear, engines. As the pinnacle of the Japanese Destroyer tech-tree, Shimakaze epitomizes the play-style of the main line of ships: a long-range torpedo boat with solid – albeit rather underwhelming – artillery. Experte der Überlebensfähigkeit Erhöht die TP eines Schiffes oder Flugzeuges. -50% to base chance of fire caused by HE shells. Which torpedoes do you use on the Shimakaze. Just don't over commit while trying to cap early, a live Shima is a monster late game after the map has been thinned out a bit. no radar in the game goes longer than a minute, and the minute is if you use a upgrade, 3.9 minutes? Shimakaze was named for the previous speed record holder, a Minekaze class of the same name. I think that the torp traverse on the UU could use a buff to the minus 60-65% traverse range instead of the -80% it has now. India Delta+20% Lebenspunkte werden wiederhergestellt, wenn Reparaturmannschaft eingesetzt wird. Just pointing out it is a long reload. It will turn into a pseudo-TRB with constant intervals instead of only once per two torp cooldowns. Various deck fittings are wrongly placed, such as the anchor handling gear on the forecastle, per photograph(s) of her under aerial attack.

Players who wish to spend doubloons can equip Shimakaze with Type 20 Camouflage, which lowers her detection radius, reduces accuracy of incoming shells, increases credits & experience earned in battle, and decreases post-battle costs. Dragon Flag+333% Kapitänserfahrungspunkte je Gefecht. When you eventually get to the Unique Upgrade for the Shimakaze, here is a link to the numbers break down of the slot 6 upgrades for Shimakaze. Torpedo Armament Expertise -10% to reload time of torpedo tubes. F3 with torpedo acceleration is a good option if you want to have reliable results with torpedoes. Combine that with TA, you get 81 knot torps with around 6.4km range--and trust me, that will alarm anyone you get within 5km of!. +15% AA flak burst damage. Sight Stabilization Speeds up the aiming of a carrier's aircraft.+7.5% attack aircraft and torpedo bomber aiming speed.+15% dive bomber aiming speed. Light and dark green camouflage was only applied to aircraft carriers beginning in mid-1944; It's likely that with 14 single 25mm autocannons fitted, the additional platforms for two triple 25mm autocannons would have already been fitted. Captains can take Torpedo Tubes Modification 2 () to decrease the torpedo reload time.

The Shima is too unwieldy to be comfortable always having to get in that close.

Like ordnance 3 was standard torps, and ordnance 4 was TA modified torps. Obviously they require experience and patience to use... 12k’s are much easier but once you can handle the short range, 8k’s are deadlier. Shimakaze works "best" with 12km torps, full concealment and RPF build. Tarnungsmeister -10% Erkennbarkeit von Zerstörern-12% Erkennbarkeit von Kreuzern-14% Erkennbarkeit von Schlachtschiffen-16% Erkennbarkeit von Flugzeugträgern, November Echo Setteseven+10% Schaden für alle Flugabwehrkanonen.+10% Durschnittsschaden pro Sekunde der Verteidigungsbewaffnung. The fundamental flavor of this ship are the unmatched volume of torpedoes that can be launched at once; therefore players must consider which torpedoes they wish to use, as it will affect the manner in which the ship will be utilized.

wg was nice enought to put me on weak side with just 2 other ships and it seemed like the whole red fleet by my cap (by the time I saw how many it was too late).

India X-Ray+1% Chance einen Brand zu verursachen mit Bomben oder Granaten eines Kalibers über 160mm.+0.5% Chance einen Brand zu verursachen mit Bomben oder Granaten eines Kalibers unter 160mm.+5% zur Detonationsgefahr des eigenen Schiffsmagazins.