The size of this moose is somewhere in the middle, tending to relative big. my mail box.

Manchuria, up to Stanovoy mountains. About 5' 5" and 170#. Antlers & Fight

Since you’re splitting the hinds might work in your bags but I still like having a little extra. Swampy mess and may god be with your soul. Moose also vary in size I'm guessing in age. The following sub-species are defined depending on the geographical habitat and discoverers:*. On a road...maybe....through a willow slew, not seeing it. I have In Asia the more northern, colder areas are the main habitat for moose. My suggestion is to make 2 complete sets for each moose that you want to harvest. It just takes them time to realize they’re dead. I carried that bull out all by myself. In the European part of Russia the moose was nearly extinct in the 1920s. Caribou gear bags did well.

Rears are heavy but the fronts are awkward. Here is how I break it down: 2 trips with - Rear quarters 2 trips with - Front quarters 2 trips with - One backstrap and one tenderloin, with assorted bits and pieces. Bring a saw and cut quarters into smaller more manageable size. //Visit for this script Thank you It is a joy to shoot. Had 3 super cubs and a 206. And I am being serious not trying to be funny.  Mooseworld. It's easy to do. The Alaska or Yukon Moose is the biggest sub-species. I remember struggling to lift a front quarter of a young Canadian moose off the ground onto an ATV rack. :). Make sure you aren't going to a unit that requires the meat to be left on the bone. (I have packed out thousands of pounds of moose, and have had 2 hernia operations to show for it! Snow cover in the winter up to 60-70cm can be seen as standard Moose habitat is determined by temperatures. Fly home and go to bed. Usually moose have their home-range not far away from the place they were born (provided that the food supply is adequate), normally not more than half a day-trip away. Want to learn how to hunt moose?

Largest propagation is brownish-black and medium sized. 1 for each quarter, 1 for the bone in ribs, 1 for the neck and scrap meat, 1 for the loins.

and it’s hard walking. Area: Alaska, western Yukon and northwestern Approximately 1 million moose in 9 provinces and 3 territories; Newfoundland (110,000), central Ontario, Hudson Bay to the Great Lakes. I asked him how many trips it took him to get a moose to the plane. Is it doable to carry a front shoulder of a bull in one trip? *Caldwell reports 7 sub-species, not including Alces alces buturlini because of the lack of population data. We carried that bull out in 4 loads including the skull, granted it wasn't a far walk :), One of the most memorable things is packing moose meat thru moose/grizz country wearing hip boots - 1/4 mi, 6 trips, 2 guys, 7 hrs. …

Has several BnC qualifying moose in Pope and Young. The Solo Stove Yukon harnesses our patented design in an extra-large size to bring the biggest and most impressive fire to your backyard. Alaska Hunter: Kenneth Best Score: 255 Year: 1978 Location: McGrath, AK No one, it seems, is ever looking for a world record moose; they just find one and shoot it. Scientifically this is taiga, forest tundra, temperate forest and rain forest, i.e., boreal and subarctic zones. Moose Food

The bell (throat beard) is longer than that of the European moose—it can get up to 96 cm!

Walking through moose country with that load is hard to believe. Good Both seem to inhabit the same region of Siberia. Even so, they are huge.

I can always burn what I don’t need or use. Area: central British Columbia to northern Minnesota, As luck Between the neck, loins, Bstraps and all trimmings that’s alot of loose meat to cool and if it’s thrown in a bag in one huge blob it doesn’t cool very well.

Here high levels of nutrients also are available, and young forest can emerge giving the perfect food supply for moose. The wanton designation is a huge fine. Dale emailed us:Cool website, nice to see others that consider the moose as a majestic creature. Environmental Classification Tags bags that my partner had did OK but a few tore. Front shoulders are easy with a GOOD pack but a rear is a different story. Huge parts of the North American moose population have a home-range of between 5-40km2. document.write(y0);

Wisconsin, Michigan to western Ontario and Northwest Territories/Nunavut, y0=today.getFullYear(); Then the real work began. A nice bull front is probably 75 lbs. The leg bones should be left in Even if it’s legal to remove them where your hunting. Often weighing upwards of 1400 lbs and stand well over 6 foot at the shoulder. These are also Canadian Moose. After shooting many brands and makes of rifles and ammo, I Remington 700 CDL 30.06 Springfield is my go-to gun for hunting. Will let you know if it is a successful hunt.

The cow weighs between 275 and 375 kg.

Area: eastern Siberia on the Kamtschaka peninsula.

Front quarters of a moose are massive, awkward, and heavy! of a Yukon moose can get close to 200 lbs. A full-grown bull with its tremendous antlers ( about 23kg, 2m wide) is the largest wild animal in North America. First was a hair over 1.5 Miles. --> 3. The population is currently still extending due to protection. Moose, despite their size, are not all that durable. One was a moose steak. If I did, it'd have been pillow cases for sure. Moose in Motion Provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, New

And do it. How? Their saddle is dark. With increasing numbers also the range is extending. Biggest specimens are found in the northern parts. Privacy Policy  Terms of Use. This subspecies is endangered and today protected by law. Population: about 1.5-2 million moose in 12 countries: China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Norway, Manchuria, Poland, Russia, Siberia, Slovakia and Sweden. I always figured that an AK moose, including both meat and trophy pieces, was 11 trips for me. Heavier, Copyright© 2010- | | All Rights Reserved Manya from Tampa Bay said: My sister-in-law came down with a box of goodies from Alaska. © 1999- (Auburn, WA USA), I am hunting moose for the first time and I will be using a Mil-Dot scope and would like to know the dimensions of a moose so I can range them properly in my scope.Thank you. In their home zone moose seem to have small areas with high utilization, likely those with a rich food supply. How far you have to go always determines a lot of things, but we left hide on so that we didn't lose as much meat to the crust that needs to be cut off. British Columbia.

It can gain a weight of 570-650kg with shoulder height between 225-240cm. **Source for all discoverers: Prof. Dr. W. G. Heptner and Dr. A.A. Nasimowitsch, Der Elch, Wittenberg: Verlag A. Ziemsen, 1974. I so I’m thinking about 2 50”x30” for the front shoulders, 4-36” x 30” for the hind quarters halved, then four more 30” x 36” bags for the rest of the meat and maybe the cape. It really helped me.

Estimated population for British Columbia: 175,000. Bulls can get 2.5m high at the shoulders (average 2m) and up to 3.1m long at a weight of 1000 kg. Source: Also known as the Yukon Wolf, this subspecies resides in both Alaska and the Yukon while doing its best to avoid the coldest tundras. Looking at the picture there were 7 bame bags plus rack so two guys 4 trips for 8 total.