However, he is sick and Steve is able to trace what's happening to him back to his old cloning machine which doesn't make permanent clones like he'd hoped for. Soon after, on Stefan and Laura's date, Stefan tells Laura that he must return as Steve because he felt like Stefan is a fake and Steve is real. Meanwhile, Harriette organizes a blind date for Laura, with a guy majoring in, Laura, concerned about her figure, begins taking, When Urkel's contraptions go haywire once too often, Carl demands that the nerd must put every single invention in storage. Search for "Stefan Returns" on, Title: The first time was when Eddie promised to go bowling with Carl, just to stand him up so the former can go out on his date with a girl from a college bookstore. Urkel is the only one who is convinced that the evidence is not what it seems and proves whose really guilty of robbing the store that leads to the head of security's arrest.

In the final episode of Season 7 Steve created a cloning machine and used it on himself to create a temporary duplicate. However, all ends well, and Steve returns to Earth a national hero. Urkel, not wanting to move away from his friends, tries to think of an idea.

Initially, Laura is enamored with Stefan (as all the other girls are). Eddie reluctantly, but wisely chose Greta and surrendered his black book to the blender. Age:

But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Laura gets herself into a situation only possible on television: she can marry Steve Urkel, or she can marry Urkel's creation, Stefan Urquelle. Carl tells a fellow police officer about Laura's engagement. What he finds out is the ugly truth (all as Eddie had explained) when the senior of the two officers reveals himself to be a severe racist. Meanwhile, Hariiette's obnoxious former boss, Nick Neidermeyer, returns. 44 The series premiered in 1989 and took some time to establish its tone. Carl spends the next few days walking a mile in Urkel's shoes, while Myra explains herself to Stefan. Urkel is asked to supervise an English class for his absent teacher, but the students in the class are unruly and have no intention of learning. Carl fumes about not accepting a promotion five years ago that would have transferred him to Washington, D.C.

NASA struggles to recover its astronauts and save Urkel's life. The angel gives Laura a chance to see what it is like to be Steve. Eddie stays up all night to find a way to fix his grades and he decides to dropout of school to make a clear path to becoming a cop. The popular shows diverge pretty quickly, though.

The top episodes of the first season are "The Stake-Out" (episode 9) and "The Big Reunion" (episode 15). With the rest of the Winslows and Steve staying by his side, Stefan says his farewell before finally disappearing. But Eddie, firmly in love with Greta, still is not impressed, so Myrtle decides to pursue someone else, which makes Eddie realize he'll somewhat miss her annoying attempts to win him, and asks her what is he supposed to do now that she's leaving for good. This is the last episode to feature Estelle Winslow (. Here is each season's best episode according to IMDb, listed from season one to season nine. Urkel's cloning machine can make exact duplicates of anything; including himself, causing double trouble throughout the household (and putting Myra in a frenzy over her "Stevie-kins").

Her past adventures with both the nerd and the one-time "man of her dreams" are replayed through flashbacks (Steve in "Marriage 101," and Stefan in "We're Going to Disney World").