Bunch of casual channels like a gaming channel (with a minecraft server), academics & school channel, positivity and love channel, etc…. Gain possessions justly65. If you pass before them they will have say over your body once you pass unless you take the steps before.

Do what you mean to do59.

All... about me Heya. Guard what is yours34. Shun murder52. Respect the elderly127.

i just feel like i shouldn’t be contacting the gods while dressing bad but i can’t find the motivation to make myself look presentable. Shun what belongs to others35.

Hey, I hope this does not come off as offensive, I'm a Babywitch so I'm getting used to everything. Devotional Activities: Hebe. It’s kind of like a tickle at that backnof your mind that warns you that something just isnt right. Perceive what you have heard8. Use your skill58. So just going off looks would be hard. The first three maxims were inscribed on the walls and/or columns* of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi as early as the 6th century BCE. Act quickly105. All information has been taken from theoi.com as well as various historical books on the gods, and I have decided to make this powerpoint so that other people don’t have to sift through all the pdfs and books themselves. Respect your parents5. Though from my expereiences Thanatos typically has wings when showing himself. I always find it easiest to connect to Artemis out in nature. MONDAY moonday!! Honor the hearth (or Hestia)14. Honor a benefaction60. Do away with enmities113. Historically Sacred Items/Offerings to each of the Ouranic Theoi! There’s is a difference between modern Greek culture and the surviving Greek Religion; around 98% of all Greeks are Greek Orthodox, and a lot of our traditions do follow Greek Orthodox cultures, even if you aren’t religious yourself.

Female. Also see -  some shrines had open invitations to all passersbies that were travelling, regardless of social status or immigrant status). the gate? Be well off as a mortal142. It’s what I do, personally. Do not ridicule the dead135. Do not put your trust in wealth129. Do not curse your children95.

Greek mythos has soooo many different deities and other spiritual beings. Die for your country133. If you are a stranger, act like one13.

Oracle. I made this for my Hellenic polytheism group on discord, so I thought I’d share this information with all of you as well. We all die eventually and its better to know what you want done and have plans made so your loved ones aren’t left behind worried they’ll do something you won’t like. And the strength and stability to endure. Pursue what is profitable111. Bunch of religious channels from contemporary worship, all religions in general, witchcraft, resources, and more. I’m sorry to say but I don’t often connect to Aphrodite to know a good place for her but I’m sure anywhere will do and you’ll slowly figure out which places work best for you, i feel like i shouldn’t reach out to my god until i look presentable and tidy the room. Consult the wise54. The courage to face each ongoing challenge.

It seems that the lettering was probably duplicated each time the temple was rebuilt (it was destroyed in the 4th century BCE, in the 1st century BCE, and again in the 1st century BCE) because Pliny and Plutarch describe the inscriptions as having been engraved in letters of gold. In times of distress and in blessed creation. Don’t be scared. Please grant me counsel and essential insight. As a child be well-behaved144. Make sure to click each image to get a fullview! Ευχαριστώ. Pray for happiness77. I’ve heard of pouring them into the earth but I figured that was only for chthonic dieties, and I made this offering to Apollo specifically. Practice what is just28. The events of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney follow. Fear ruling110. Something along the lines of being like, “hey, I need the physical essence of this food, but if you would like the energy from this food I dedicate it to you.”. Apollo worked under Gavin for roughly six months before he was given his first case: Phoenix Wright had been arrested for murder, and specifically requested Apollo handle his case. Be grateful107. Be a seeker of wisdom49. the doors? Watch out for your enemies30. Do not begin to be insolent131. But the respect should go both ways; they should respect you, too.

Guide your spouse96. Choose what is holy50. Do not stop to be thrifty123. Know yourself9. Gavin was known as the best defence attorney in LA, so it was rather surprising to Apollo when Gavin approached him, offering him an apprenticeship. Do not use an oath20. Beget from noble routes139. Pursue harmony108. Find fault with no one26. The Delphic Maxims are aphorisms believed to have been spoken by Apollo through the Pythia at Delphi in response to queries. should i feel like this? Anything that reminds you of her would be a nice offering. Exercise nobility of character31.

And xenoi start sharing the facist’s rhetoric - and yeah. It's all in the myth. Gustave Moreau Fan account of Gustave Moreau, a major figure in French Symbolist painting. Just follow your heart and I hope it goes well!!! Love whom you rear125. I'm a Hellenic polytheist who grew up in the religion.

Instruct the youngs128. the columns? Praise virtue27. There are many ways to reach out. Do not boast in might115. Share the load of the unfortunate136. Do not abandon honor119.

Apollo Receiving the Shepherds’ Offerings, 1895, Gustave Moreau Medium: oil. Hi, I have a question: how can I know if I've done something the gods disapprove of?

Be fond of fortune78. Have respect for suppliants43. Know what you have learned7. Maybe offer your drinks/food during the day, too.

Keep yourself from insolence84. Make just judgments85. If I could I would always be dressed to the nines with full makeup and in a conpletely clean house before reaxhing out, but I’ve come to realize it doesn’t matter. Set up a little place for her on an altar or shelf to place things for her or even print out some photos that remind you of her or statues that look like her! Venture into danger prudently121.

Your question was not offensive at all! With all the different names to know, it can be really hard for new worshippers to try and get their bearings on things when there’s not a lot of resources.

Speak plainly71   Associate with your peers72. lil chart for when to cast your spells RE days of the week. Love friendship21. Sharp-Eyed Maiden borne from the head of Zeus, It is through Your grace as Mother of Invention, It is through Your will, O’ Civil Protectress. Some little things I’d do…, From her Theoi.com page, here are some items that seem to be associated with her: fish scales, underwater creatures, anything from the ocean, the color gold, snakes, and cypress, stones/marble/statues. Join Demos Of Olympos, an active Hellenic Polytheist/Greek Pagan Discord server! I've only just started out and I'm a bit.... terrified, I guess, haha. Live kindly among others92. || My name is Apollo (yes, literally. Gratify without harming137. Accuse only one who is present88. You can speak out loud or think it.

I think the bottom line is just: be respectful!

Be courteous98. Think as a mortal12. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. A non-judgemental place for people of any level of practice to learn and feel safe! Their hands meet, and light spills in a flood like a hundred golden urns pouring out of the sun.”|| Φοίβου Απόλλωνα || ´Ελληνας || Hellenic Polytheist || My inbox is always open to those who have questions/want to chat! Revere a sense of shame75   Fulfill a favor76. Use time sparingly40. Accept due measure112. 28. Be on your guard62. I made this for my Hellenic polytheism group on discord, so I thought I’d share this information with all of you as well. I understand death isnt something many people want to think about but it is something we ahould think about. Fun little weekly worship prompts for people with low energy to get back into worship. This is difficult to say because the gods can take different looks forbdofferent mortals. || My name is Apollo (yes, literally.). Enthnofacism is starting to leek into hellenic polytheism too, and it’s scary. 1. i'm super super new to all of this so i was wondering how i'm supposed to reach out to a god/goddess? Be jealous of no one61. Unlike other religions that are closed to this day, Greek polytheistic religion was often spread across the lands (see- how they would literally preach and share about it to other areas, such as when they went to Egypt, both parties took inspiration about the Apollo god and started sharing religious traditions, which would later become permanent in both religions. It’s terrifying. Ancient Greek writers were recording and interpreting the Maxims by the second half of the 6th century BCE. I fear that we’re going to fall the route of Norse paganism; I feel so bad for norse pagans whose symbols have been taken away from them by horrible, horrible people. Crown your ancestors132. Grieve for no one138. Be happy with what you have74. Observe what you have heard79. Be kind to friends29. Look down on no one57. :( Thank you for your ask, though. apollo ☀ my art apollo deity ... chibi aphrodite as a thank-you offering! I love her so much?

Honor providence19.