There is no advantage with this charger over the 150/60 provided there will be more than 6 panels connected. He has managed a globally distributed software development team for more than five years. Boundless installs Monocrystalline panels. Boundless Environment Resource Solutions Private Limited (BERSPL) is focused on providing specialized solutions related to wastewater management, water recycling, zero discharge & solar energy systems. These values must be specified by the manufacturer for each panel sold so that panel performance can be compared and the overall system can de designed correctly including wire sizes and charge controller sizing. Understanding solar charge controller ratings, Matching solar charge controllers to solar panels, To determine the number of solar panels that will be installed requires two questions to be answered:-, Example - Selection of a Solar Charge Controller. CEO, CARITrans, LLC Visitors can propel a mechanical fish with solar energy… Mr. Tompkins was a member of the EPRI Advisory Structure review committee; a member of the Energy Resources Subcommittee and Energy Analysis Task Force; and utility advisor to projects evaluating New Production Cost Programs. These factors are used to calculate performance of the panel at minimum cold and maximum hot conditions. Power systems include batteries, solar panels and chargers, inverter chargers to convert battery power into AC power and to charge the batteries and associated control and monitoring systems. Scott Tompkins has developed software, systems and solutions for numerous Fortune 100 companies across multiple software platforms, and has more than twenty years of software engineering and information system administration experience. Boundless provides solar charge controllers by Victron Energy, main parameters are explained below for reference. These values must be specified by the manufacturer for each panel sold so that panel performance can be compared and the overall system can de designed correctly including wire sizes and charge controller sizing. Solar systems add an extra dimension to your off-grid experience with the ability to charge your battery without a shore power connection. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Scenario 3I typically camp near power but would like to minimize power usage where possible. Log in or join Boundless today for £28 per year and start saving on energy bills. is a vital step to ensuring cleaner energy production on this planet. CEO, Boundless Energy, LLC Limited Partner, Neptune RTS CEO, CARITrans, LLC On Board of Directors and COO, Sea Breeze Pacific, RTS On Board of Directors and COO, Juan de Fuca Cable Management, Inc. President, Tompkins Research & Management Consulting. Our goal is to help customers harness the boundless energy of the sun, achieving energy freedom by strategically managing demanding and growing energy needs. Vice-President, Environmental Affairs, Boundless Energy, LLC Boundless lithium batteries are fully charged at 14.2V so this is entirely possible for some panel combinations and southern US locations. It is indeed the way of the future, and whether you are a small business owner or own a home and hope to run things in a more environmentally friendly way, looking to solar power is an excellent way to solve this dilemma. This new, outdoor playground features cool technology powered by the sun, the wind, and ocean motion. We therefore need to select a solar charge controller that will have capacity for up to 6 x 100W panels. Limited Partner, Neptune RTS is primarily due to homeowners desperate to save precious energy. He also has experience as a senior experimental engineer and assistant program manager for the Hamilton Standard division of United Technologies, a major jet engine controls manufacturer. Mr. Tompkins has extensive electric utility experience, having served as the senior corporate officer of the energy planning department at Green Mountain Power Company(GMP) with responsibility for all power contracts, generation, planning and research. EL tested solar modules; no hot-spot heating guaranteed. Before joining Boundless Energy, Brian Chernack initiated the development of three biomass energy projects for KTI Energy, Inc. – the Maine Energy Company, Penobscot Energy Company and AES Livermore – totaling roughly 85 MWs, with a combined investment of approximately $300 million. If your installation is connected to the internet Victron Remote Management Portal (VRM) provides access to the full power of your MPPT, anytime, anywhere; both services are free to use. High in power but sleek in size, this 100W solar panel is the perfect item for off-grid applications. Mark is an ATP rated pilot and serves as the chief pilot for the Boundless / TRMC’s flight department and two corporate aircraft. Silently charge your battery. Note - a single Bluetooth VE.Direct dongle can be used to view / change settings if needed on devices with a VE.Direct port such as BMV 700 battery monitors and BlueSolar charge controllers. Visitors can propel a mechanical fish with solar energy, explore towering wind turbines, and create green energy out of the blue at wave and water tables. If you are interested in the technical details, the notes below provide explanation of the important solar panel parameters: - Voc = the maximum open circuit voltage of the panel,VVmpp = voltage at maximum power, VImpp = current at maximum power, AIsc = short circuit current, AThese values will be stated for each panel and will be at standard test conditions (STC) with a specified panel temperature, light intensity and air mass value. TR&MC was established in 1986 as an energy consultancy specializing in project development of renewable energy generation and transmission projects, emphasizing asset acquisition and power purchase contracting. This new, outdoor playground features cool technology powered by the sun, the wind, and ocean motion. To determine the number of solar panels that will be installed requires two questions to be answered:- How many panels do I need? and will be given an idea of roughly how much everything should cost you. Our services are complete with installation, lithium batteries, inverter chargers, and more. Connections from the roof top mounted combiner box to the solar charge controller are via a terminal strip and weather proof gland at the combiner box and MC4 or terminal at the charge controller. The Eclipse panel is a high efficiency monocrystalline rigid panel with 100W power in a compact lightweight frame ideal for RV or travel trailer roofs where space is at a premium. Read more about Remote Monitoring here. One is applied to Voc and one to Isc. (, Directory Prodotti There is little to no reason to doubt that solar power is the way of the future and that hopefully it will be adopted by more entities soon. No matter where you live, renewable, solar energy can work for you and your home or business. Explanatory notes are provided for the options available. For RV's a rise of 35C is most appropriate which assumes the panel will be installed within 6" of the roof surface which results in limited natural cooling of the panels. Boundless Power Systems provides many solutions for those who want to power their RVs efficiently. He has performed analyses of HVDC submarine transmission cable systems in the Pacific Northwest and Northeastern United States, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, East Africa and the Caribbean. Boundless provides solar charge controllers by Victron Energy, main parameters are explained below for reference. Note that Victron charge controllers require a minimum differential between PV voltage and battery voltage of 5V for the charge controller to switch on and a differential of 1V for the charge controller to continue to run. In general for RV's and travel trailers parallel connection of solar panels will be the best approach. Home energy bills are notoriously expensive. Junction boxes and wiring with pre-terminated MC4 connectors for reliable long term connections and easy disconnection for removal. Boundless Energy is a new interactive exhibit that celebrates the innovative ways we can use natural forces to power our lives. As more panels are added, the input current and therefore the output current will increase. These values are normally specified in %/degC (of either Voc or Isc). Scenario 2I will be off grid regularly but have no problem using a generator regularly and / or often park in shady areasIn this scenario you will be using solar mainly for basic battery maintenance charge when in transit or storage. Mark develops all financial modeling and handles utility system auditing and accounting. Monocrystalline panels use high-efficiency cells that help increase module efficiency which is important where panel surface area is limited due to roof space, maximizing output is key. ExampleWe have inspected the roof of our travel trailer and have determined that we can install 6 x 100W solar panels. Solar charge controller will turn off if PV voltage is not at least 1V above battery voltage. Once operating the charge controller will remain on provided the PV voltage is 1V more than the battery voltage. When comparing similar power output solar chargers, BlueSolar chargers are generally lower cost when compared to the equivalent SmartSolar chargers. You will not need to supplement your system with fuel since it can generate large amounts of electricity without straining your budget. To determine the number of solar panels that can be connected to a charge controller we need to understand the performance parameters of the solar panels to be connected. Typical cell efficiency for Monocrystalline panels is between 22% and 21%. Before joining Sea Breeze Pacific-RTS, Rod served as Vice-President of Strategic Planning and Corporate Development for The System Works, Inc., and as Vice-President of Finance and Administration for HSB Reliability Technologies, Inc. An essential addition for your next off-grid trip.See the Reference section has more details on the following: -. As then Vice president of KTI, Chernack was responsible project conception, siting, fuel supply and energy off-take contracting, as well as permit management and government relations. With a set of MC4 connectors. There will also be two temperature compensation factors specified. See below for more information. I have never heard an RV'er say that they wished they had installed fewer solar panels on their RV. We will walk through an example below to illustrate how a solar charge controller is selected and matched to a quantity of panels. It is our philosophy that solutions should be efficiently designed keeping in mind the best industry practices. Polycrystalline panels have a typical cell efficiency of approximately, 18.5%. Performance at the ambient extremes is important since acceptability of the panel combination attached to the charge controller will be assessed at these extremes.At low ambients the solar panel is assumed to be at ambient temperature. STC is generally taken as 1000 W/m2, 25 °C and 1.5 AM (air mass). Boundless Energy. Solar charge controllers should be selected once the number of solar panels has been determined since the maximum current capacity of the solar charge controller should be equivalent to or higher than the expected maximum system current with all panels connected and at maximum power.