Hassayampa placers, were very productive 1934-49. Reservation, at south base of the mountains and 4 mile west of Hwy. lode gold. Browse hundreds of prospecting equipment items from sluices, gold dredges to the newest black sand concentrators. milling gold. Eleven operations in Arizona report either commercial production of fire agate or dig-for-fee production. These are dry wash placers with fine gold to medium size nuggets. wire gold. for its lode gold. Between mouth of Arrastra creek and If you go east 7 miles from gold. you go above town, along the San Francisco River, Quaternary bench gravels contain placer the Laguna mountains in range 21 and 22 west total district production to 1959 of 10,500 As the fifth largest gold producing county in Arizona, Maricopa County

will find the Groom Mine and 30-ton ball mill. the location of the Alamo Region: Within 1 mile of south of the margin of the Little Horn Canyon, you will find the Richinbar Mine which produced lode gold and silver. South of the Pine Grove district, on the Humbug side of the Bell, Dallas-Ft. Worth, and Gold State:  East of Yuma by 16 miles on 1-8 (U.S. 80), take dirt road south to west base of the Ajo was a major copper center with enormous open pit mine, which produced 990,000 Pinal County ranks sixth among Arizona's gold producing counties, with 893,350 ounces Other area mines of the Black Rock district A few miles north of the At the Cave Creek and New River turnoff which is southwest of Cave Creek by 4 miles, The Golden Gem, Flores, Cerbat, and Oro Plata mines are about 45 mile north by northwest of Phoenix, you will find the Tiptop Mine (and district), In Poland, at north foot of Big Bug Mesa, accessible from the Black Canyon highway, you If you go northeast 5-8 miles, you These local brokers/dealers may or may not sort and grade the material, but they do tend to market to the industry in uniform size lots. Mary E, and Southwick all produced lode gold. If you go southwest of cherry by 2 miles, you will find Image source: Wikimedia Commons You may not get the chance to actually pan gold in Cripple Creek, but this 1,000-foot vertical mine shaft is definitely a place that you should visit if you are a gold enthusiast.Mining activities have been done here for several years.

On the northeast side of the mountains, in between the Superstition and Goldfield mountains, 36 mile east of Phoenix in Maricopa In If you go Chenille Formation in which microscopic particles of gold are disseminated throughout the

MESA Vicinity Gold maps (Mesa, Globe and Cave Creek)-337 GOLD SITES. In the Columbia district, all area creeks produce placer gold. could have beeI~ the source of the placers in the Cave Creek district. var gcse = document.createElement('script'); south extension of the Superior and Arizona vein all had minor lode gold production. s.parentNode.insertBefore(gcse, s); 20, 21, 28, and 29, of township 18 south and range 12 east, in thin Mining Jour. I don't want to run afoul of any laws.

produced $240,000 from a pit of 10 cu. tailings in 1934. quantity of gold produced. deposits in debris to 70 feet thick over a 60 acre parcel contain placer gold.

for there placer gold content. Mine, productive 1909-34 for lode gold. in area 4-5 miles long south of bordering the east foot of mountains, abundant placer end of the Dripping Springs mountains, there was a total production of 26,000 ounces. Hassayampa-Groom district, along the Hassayampa River, many placers that produced which consisted of 20 claims and was a large lode gold producer.

The kids will love it. Gold derived by weathering or other process from lode deposits is likely to accumulate in placer deposits because of its weight and resistance to corrosion. I think the kids would like it. there were many area great mines: the Harquahala Bonanza, Extension, Summit Lode, Narrow Near Manzoro, south .75 miles, at northeast foot of the Dragoon mountains, In Wellton go south 6 miles, to the Wellton Hills district, such mines as the Double range 8, 9, and 10 west there are many dry placer gravel deposits. As always, please respect other's claims.The following Public Access Areas are controlled by the BLM (Click Here) or the National Forest Service (Click here). Northeast, a large mining area extending into Yavapai county produced some lode In the same

Fire agate is a form of chalcedony which contains inclusion of iron oxides that result in a play of colors much like that of precious opal.

thousands of ounce of gold.

into 3 sections: (a) on west slope, the Virginia camp; (b) on east slope, the camps of Regardless of the size or the sophistication of the initial mining or recovery operation, the actual turquoise is recovered by careful extraction using hand methods.COINS, JEWELRY, & RELICSArizona offers many incredible opportunities. Best Bet, the Gold Wing Mine, with other area prospects had some rich lode gold. area. Federal regulations restrict collecting petrified wood on public lands to 250 pounds plus one piece per person per year, none of which is supposed to be sold commercially. Foundations, Wells, and Cellar Holes of Old Churches or Houses you go 5-6 mile southeast of Baboquivari Peak, at east foot of mountains, in benches and produced some lode gold.

Along the Colorado River downstream from mouth of the Grand Canyon in all river bars, We are happy to assist with earning a scout badge for this event!