I would say for treble these are the easiest to listen to without getting into critical listening levels (not that I’m good at that yet), but it is precise and crisp without being piercing or overly fatiguing. That being said I really don’t like the actual cable in practice, it is very “janky” and not very flexible. In this area, the HE560 becomes a little recessed, putting vocals slightly back, while the Elex moves them forward. You must log in or register to reply here. It’s got a big build-up before synths and drums go nuts, all with a spacey theme to it. I know I’ll get plenty of hate mail for this, but I think the Elex sounds most like an HD700 and not at all like a 650 (I’m not familiar with the 660S) which, IMO, makes it closer to the path Sennheiser was on before they diverted to make the 650, which is a little too polite for my taste. The Elex I had was prone to squeek and croak just by me moving my head an inch. Doin’ It Right is a song that has a vocal intro followed by a bass slam that can knock your socks off. I am deciding between the hd 660 and Elex as my next hp. It has a magnetic clasp, and the internal foam has a nice studio foam look to it (cool detail but irrelevant). changes (new editions) and new models that keep coming out. The low end often rumbles (they don’t have much technical potential) but that’s “just fine” with some genres. They are lighter than the LCD series and have a more technical sound to them than the Audeze. For EDM, these can be awesome, or they can suck a lot. I personally much prefer Elex over HD660S. I actually like these as a relaxing set of headphones, they feel comfortable and are easy to listen to. I have owned all Sennheiser cans in the 6 series - some of em more than twice - yet I keep coming back to the classic 600. I don’t have a 6XX/650, but I do have a 58X and honestly I hardly ever listen to my LCD2C anymore. Now, none of this about audio quality or natural sound. English is not my mother language, so I ask you all my apologies if you find any typos or grammatical mistakes. I think this is where people get the upgrade from HD6XX. It is distributed as well as I can imagine given it’s design, however a comfort strap may have helped. I had the Focal Elex and it is very good... but the costs for new pads and the infamous clipping made me return them and now I have the HD 660S which is also amazing. It’s either broken in now or I’ve grown used it (and rather like it). It may be my ears, but the LCD2C sound “just fine” to me. Descriptors I would use: Crisp, accurate, warm.
The Elex, themselves, feature a darker appearance than the Clear and Elear. The Elex is an intimate set, they are warmer than the HD700, vocals are more intimate with less peaks, and female vocals come into the ear so very warm and intimate. The cables are wrapped in a paracord-like sheath and 6 feet long, as opposed to the really lengthy 10 feet ones that come with the Elear. Slap on a pair of dekonis and get an all copper cable to replace the oem silver copper hybrid cable and you’ve got the mini-800s you were hoping for when you bought the 700s in the first place - maybe more, at least with a nice tube amp driving them.

There’s some very subtle over-pronunciations of the SSS sound (sibilance) but its very faint and doesn’t distract me like some other headphones may. In more recent years, they started developing and releasing headphones starting with their Spirit and Listen lines. I have noticed that comparisons tend to say the Elear is a warmer sounding headphone (it has more pronounced bass). The Focal Elex is currently available on Massdrop again. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.
I like shoegaze, and this headphone does this genre well. I would say the Elex is veiled and warm in comparison. You won’t get neck cramps quickly, but for some, the Elex and really, all of the headphones in this Focal lineup may give some neckaches. All rights reserved. I'll stay subscribed to it. Retail was an absurd $900. The biggest difference between the Elex and DT1990 vs the classic Sennies is speed. All metal with minimal plastic. Sennheiser HD660S vs Focal Massdrop Elex? I have a hard time describing this topic and think that simple description is the best here. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Last year, Massdrop announced a collaboration with Focal and started collecting funds for the Focal Elex. He also happened to buy it from them during the same sale, but decided to keep another headphone instead. Very plush feel and my ears don’t get hot in them over long periods of listening. The Elex is about as fast as any dynamic driver I’ve ever heard.