You're navigating to a different app. The max amount of beetles the mission may tell you to collect is 16. If it is enable, it can bring a huge advantage to its holder. Fixed: Available Tournament can not be finished. Another way to quickly increase the amount of gold you can collect is to power up your dragons You can save your power ups for the tasks in the heroic race that require you to power up dragons. Again, it will take many tries, and failed attempts, but its the quickest way to get multiple items. Since the July 2013 Light/War update, you will need to breed the pure or pure hybrids together for a chance to get the legendary dragons. ###Do not refresh this page - PREVIEW ONLY. BUT it will reset that cooldown every time you collect an item! You can also try and focus on habitats like Terra habitats which get full quicker, but its not always the best strategy, because its not great once the heroic race ends! We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Please check at BOT tab. You can also get advice from other members of the alliance. They are very hard to get. You won't need to spend gems to finish this mission. Your rarest dragons usually will pay the most gold per minute. I think. Meanwhile you can use every other farm to cycle the 50 gold food collection. If I can crit a primal or legend without being crit, it’s awesome.. so many Savages etc in arena, basically lots of leading primal dragons lately. If you have multiple spaces in the hatchery, this will be easier since then you can hatch more dragons at the same time. The best way to battle dragons is to set yourself a timer reminding you when the next battle is. The best way to complete PVP for the Heroic race is to have fully powered up dragons and full charges to complete League. This is the easiest item to collect. Usually there will be two possible heroic dragons you can get in a race - one that has already had a race of its own before, and a new one. the other players are still on the 2nd or 3rd lap while you're on the 8th and there is only 1 day left of the race). If you're lucky, they won't put much effort into the race, leaving you to win, even if you don't get far in the laps. You might not have came in 1st; you either need to be 1st or complete lap 15. the lower the level of dragon the less food it costs - but it takes more luck to get items. Just try again. At the same time, you'll get more food for your dragons, which applies to another mission you'll have to complete later. Each time you collect food you have a chance to collect an item, so buy the 50 gold option in every food farm and do it fastest! **For fans by fans. I find powering up level 1 dragons to level 6 takes little food, but can give 5-6 items. If you already have a good heroic team then sure you can skip this one. Get the number of wooden claws the mission tells you to get in order to complete it (you only get one claw per league battle that is. You have a higher chance to get items the more food purchased but the bigger foods takes much longer to grow and claim. The current heroic dragons are the high Priest, Celestial, Commander, Entity, Guardian, Tension, Comet, Nucleus, Realm, Fenrir, Tidal, Tech, Spirit, Feral, Superior, Portal, Winter Dragons. it takes a lot of attempts! If you manage to unlock all of the breeding buildings, and all slots on the hatchery, place them all near each other (this will be near the second island due to the breeding sanctuary) Best way to feed dragons for Heroic Race tasks? It also won't take long to breed dragons like these (e.g. New Page: Top Dragons Breeding of all users on the world in 7 days, Reopen Fun Mode. But you still must reach the required lap or you will not get the heroic. I had already deleted trees and stones which helps in collecting XP's .. Accidentally reset Dragon City. Joining a strong alliance will help you get far in the heroic race. This article has been viewed 74,531 times. This is actually the lastest I've been because of the work around the sub and discord but rest assure, I will be releasing the leaks at a quicker and much faster rate from now on so our player base knowledge won't be delayed. Please update your Chrome to latest version then the issue will be solved, News: the Dragon City server is unstable. But the feral dragon does tons of damage, so it's a good choice. Pure Terra + Pure Metal. The max amount of pink flowers the mission may tell you to collect is 5. Thanks for contacting us. For each item, expect to hatch up to 30-40 times. conversation only when you switch back to the current app. The max amount of claws the mission may tell you to collect is 6.