That, and he gives a tiny insight into Laura, briefly mentioning she was a bully, and nobody liked her, prompting Blaire to defend her due to knowing something about her childhood the others didn’t. Pretty much once things are put into motion there is no turning back.

After a series of hateful comments that wished her dead, Laura ultimately does just that, pulling the trigger on herself. That moment at the conclusion where everything comes together, when it’s explained why Laura’s so hellbent on breaking Blaire, completely elevates Unfriended from just your usual run-of-the-mill horror flick. Unfriended starts off with our main character Blaire (Shelley Hennig) videcalling her boyfriend on Skype. May 2015

“I'm sure that there is a lot of filmmakers, they will—we will change these rules. She had way too much control and it just wasn’t very convincing. Shelley Hennig stars as Blaire in Universal Pictures' Unfriended. March 2016 When you consider the fact that this entire movie revolves around a girl sitting on her laptop, having a Skype chat with her friends, whilst some strange things start occurring, it adds to the layers of brilliance as to why this narrative is so amazing. September 2015 This grants Laura too much power to do whatever she wants throughout the narrative. April 2013 It also doesn’t make sense how she can be in multiple places at once. Seen entirely through a computer screen, Russian director Levan Gabriadze's US debut follows a few teenagers' group Skype session as it's haunted by the ghost of a friend who cyberbullied into suicide after a cruel video was posted online.
Like I said earlier in the review, it would have been more impactful to have the threat come from a living person, a real-life hacker who was out for revenge over Laura’s death. A few years went by before I actually pushed myself to actually give it a chance, and by heck, I’m glad I did. July 2016 However, as the narrative builds-up we begin to realise that she’s trying to guard some well kept secrets, lies that will ultimately shame her good name. Like a hacker she infiltrates into everyone’s computers, messing with their systems and creating messages for them to see in an attempt to scare them. However, it’s eventually revealed that “billie227” is actually Laura herself. Nobody put a gun up to your head! A group devoted to honouring Laura, and upon discovering the truth they decided to exact their revenge on Laura’s anniversary. 'Unfriended' producer Timur Bekmambetov introduces the world to the "screenmovie.". It’s your decision to make, and if you had common sense, and decency, then you would’ve made the right decision instead of blindly following everyone else like sheep, despite going along with something that is morally wrong on so many levels.