Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? The clean Omen font underneath exudes an assured sophistication seldom seen in gaming laptops. Don’t get us wrong; it’s not what you would call cheap (our review model will set you back around $2,300) and its design could use a little overhaul, but for all the power and upgradability you’re getting (this gaming PC gives a whole lot of bang for your buck. Third-party apps include a Dropbox promotion that gives you 25GB of storage for one year for free. What draws the eye, though, is the new Omen logo, a blue diamond which shines like a jewel (I suppose it’s possible we’ll see the diamond in other colors in the future). The road to the perfect gaming laptop is lined with changes big and small. Those smaller keys did allow HP to add a set of arrow keys which is nice. That’s portability. The Shadow Black finish just looks premium, especially the lid with that shiny new diamond emblem that gently transitions from a deep lapis lazuli to aquamarine.

The HP Omen 15 offers solid performance for the price in a newly refined chassis, but it can get a bit hot under load, and you’ll spend time uninstalling bloatware. Many folks have commented on the HP Omen Desktop PC’s not-so-appealing design, and we must admit, it isn’t the most attractive looking gaming PC on the market. Similar configurations may be found, however. Even the budget-minded will appreciate this one. The four towards the back are slightly longer. It’s punchy with just enough travel so that I won’t bottom out when I type furiously. But if you simply want a great mid-tier gaming laptop, the HP Omen 15 sits at the top of the heap. There was a problem. Connectivity: Realtek RTL8822be 802.11ac PCIE with Bluetooth 4.2 adapter The HP Omen 15’s 720p webcam scores big points on color accuracy as it captured my red and purple locs as well as my periwinkle blue t-shirt. Best Buy will have PS5 and Xbox Series X stock over Black Friday, Xbox Series X stock shortages could last 'for a few months' after launch, admits Microsoft, PS5 pre-orders: all the latest stock information and updates ahead of launch, Stop saying the Xbox Series X controller hasn't changed, TCL has developed a sideways rollable OLED TV – watch it in action here, Windows 10 may have finally killed off Flash Player for good, Amazon Prime Video reminds us we don't own the TV shows and movies we buy, This ridiculous $40,000 PC with three Nvidia RTX 3090 GPUs is the ‘quietest and most powerful system’ ever made, AMD’s new Big Navi GPU benchmarks suggest Nvidia could be in more trouble than we thought, Netflix has raised its subscription prices – but one tier is staying the same.

It’s smooth and responsive, and thanks to Windows precision drivers, I had no issues with three or four-finger gestures in Windows 10. Here, the G5 came out on top at 51 fps, while the Zephyrus and Xenia both hit 44 fps. Red Dead Redemption 2 (medium settings) proved to be the great equalizer. With a 2.9-GHz AMD Ryzen 7 4800H processor with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB PCIe SSD, the Omen 15 is a low-key powerhouse. New York, Operating system: Windows 10 Home The Omen Command Center software has four sections.

The aluminum deck and keyboard frame make it feel solid where you need it most. Yes, HP includes a fair amount of HP-branded software, but gamers will mostly be interested in Omen Command Center. The Overclocking section specifically gives you an option to run a benchmark to see how the machine is performing. The raised surface houses a fairly large touchpad and has a cool hypergraphic in the lower-right corner. HP’s display covers 71.8% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, fractions of a percent ahead of the Xenia (71.2%) and just behind the Dell G5 (77%). HP Omen Desktop PC is a very powerful, future-proof gaming machine with a price tag that makes a lot of sense for what you’re getting. And when you’re not out there trying to liberate some fantastical world, the system switches over to its integrated AMD Radeon Graphics. If you’re looking a future-proof gaming PC that runs beautifully, the HP Omen Desktop PC is a wise choice. I’m not a fan of the Omen 15’s island-style keyboard on account of its small keys, particularly the Backspace key, which is a bit smaller than I’m used to. There are equalizer presets to choose from in the Omen Audio Control app, but I found the “HP Optimized” default was generally the best option (especially in the case of that song, which switches between sung and rapped vocals). But it was enough to keep the Dell (56 fps), Asus (44 fps) and Acer (40 fps) at bay. NY 10036. The touchpad and center of the keyboard measured 73 and 91 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. The Wi-Fi card is also accessible, but it’s partially underneath one of the heat pipes. If you prefer an all-AMD option, the Dell G5 15 SE has an AMD GPU as well for SmartShift, but that system also ran hot. During the Geekbench 5.0 synthetic overall performance test, the Omen 15 attained 7,978, crushing the 3,636 mainstream gaming average.

The Omen weighed in at 5.4 pounds and 14.1 x 9.5 x 0.9 inches. There's lots of things I like about this laptop and a lot of things I don't like. It’s a gaming hub that lets you launch your games, get coaching (right now just in CSGO), check CPU, GPU and memory utilization, change between performance profiles and stream games from your Omen to other devices.

The Omen transferred 4.97GB of files at a rate of 869 MBps, which is faster than the Xenia and far speedier than the G5, but the Zephyrus took the crown here at 1,272.3 MBps. The closest configuration we could put together is one with the same CPU and RAM, but with a 512GB SSD plus 2TB HDD and a GeForce GTX 1080 8G, which will set you back around the same price, if only slightly expensive, at $2,335. Weight: 30.2 pounds (13.7 kg) The Omen ran it at 36 fps, tying the G5. Furthermore, our exact  HP Omen Desktop PC configuration isn’t available in the UK and Australia. The HP Omen 15 ships with a one-year limited warranty. Size: 18.75 x 18.5 x 7.5 inches (47.6 x 46.99 x 19.05 cm: W x D x H).

My heart took flight watching the Fly Like a Girl trailer on the Omen 15’s 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080-pixel display and not just because of the inspirational subject matter. A few changes in the game’s display options fixed it up. HP's flagship Omen 17 blends an attractive design with strong performance to make a solid big-screened gaming rig. This thing comes with everything you need and more, which means that it can handle anything you throw at it, even the most demanding games, like a hot knife through butter, giving you the most optimal and immersive gaming experience. Additionally, HP needs to back off the bloatware train for a more premium experience. In Control, the vocals and bullets rang clear. The GPU reached an average speed of 425.2 MHz and an average temperature of 67.6 degrees Celsius (153.7 degrees Fahrenheit). With this top-tier GPU, you are most definitely guaranteed zero frame drops and zero stutters even with a monitor that caps at 60Hz.

There were little stray pixels across my black shirt, and the lights blew out the entire top of the photo in a way I haven’t seen on other webcams. Our review unit had the Intel Core i7-8700k hexa-core processor, which is built to handle heavy loads, stream 4K UHD vids, and lots of multitasking. The HP Omen Desktop PC falls halfway between these two categories. When I took the 10fastfingers typing test, I reached 65 words per minute, which is short of my usual 70-wpm average. It’s much more colorful than the 64.4% mainstream gaming laptop average, the Strix G15 (46%) and the Nitro 5 (45%). The question is if these changes make it one of the best gaming laptops.