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Currently we have 265 phrases translated. Mende, By submitting your : Ninde ? Nyole, It has been proposed that sequences that are CVV in the surface realization are actually CV in the underlying deep structure, with the consonant coalescing with the first vowel.[18]. There are two essential tones in Rundi : high and low (or H and L). Néanmoins, le pluriel (2e personne du pluriel, " vous "), est plus souvent utilisé pour un groupe de gens que dans un usage déférent envers une personne seule. This is called "translation memory" Browse 265 phrases and 455,749 ready translation memories. On ne peut comprendre le sens que dans le contexte de la phrase, et avec les temps de conjugaison), Autrefois, jadis : Kera (" Il y a bien longtemps "), Je n'ai pas (plus) d'argent : Nta mahera (ou mafranga) nsigaranye, J'ai besoin d'aide (Au secours) : Ntabara, Un ou des homme (s) blanc (s) : Umuzungu, Abazungu, Ami (s), camarade (s) : Umugenzi, Abagenzi, Tambour (s) : Ingoma (signifie aussi " le royaume "), 100 : Ijana (une centaine), Amajana (des centaines), 1000 : Igihumbi (un millier), Ibihumbi (des milliers).


Since Rundi has phonemic distinction on vowel length, when a long vowel changes from a low tone to a high tone it is marked as a rising tone. Study trip 2007 (7) Maps (6) Embassies and consulates (2) Jobs / volunteering (2) Country profile (1) Gatumba massacre (1) Kirundi (1) Rugo (1) Tourism (1) UN Agencies (1) Video (1) Featured website. Une expression très fréquente pour calmer les stressés, Attention ! [14], Rundi is often used in phonology to illustrate examples of Meeussen's rule[15][16] In addition, it has been proposed that tones can shift by a metrical or rhythmic structure. Kirundi is closely related to

and is very useful for translators. The table below gives the vowel sounds of Rundi. Kirundi,[5][6] also known as Rundi,[2][7][8][9] is a Bantu language spoken by 9 million people in Burundi and adjacent parts of Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as in Uganda. Shona, Tshiluba, C'est ce dernier que l'on prend pour référence dans ce lexique. (ou Kwaherini ! This means I earn a commission if you click on any of them and buy something.

Kirundi is mutually intelligible with Kinyarwanda, an official language of Rwanda, and the two form part of the wider dialect continuum known as Rwanda-Rundi.[10]. ou Bande (" Qui sont-ils ? Extracted from La Sainte Bible en Kirundi. Kirundi is one of the languages where Meeussen's rule, a rule describing a certain pattern of tonal change in Bantu languages, is active. : Hujambo ! Swati, Actual Version: 1.2.2 (Android and Tablet only) Extracted from La Sainte Bible en Kirundi.

It makes our dictionary English Rundi real, as it is created by native speakers people, that uses language for every day. Bulu, Although the literature on Rundi agrees on 5 vowels, the number of consonants can vary anywhere from 19 to 26 consonants. Retenir surtout que le " u " se prononce toujours " ou ", le " e " toujours " é " et le " ch " toujours " tch ". The distinction is phonemic. but dictionaries for every existing pairs of languages - online and free.

dictionaries. feedback, you will help us improve this app. Note: Kirundi for Tourists; Betty Ellen Cox: Kirundi Grammar; Kirundi - www.burundiweb.cz; Posted by Eva.

A collection of Tagalog (Philippine) profanity submitted by you! Kirundi is mutually intelligible with Kinyarwanda, an official language of Rwanda, and the two form part of the wider dialect continuum known as Rwanda-Rundi. Stop ! - swahili expression). You should know, that Glosbe does not store word but rather the idea of what the word means. Sena, All five vowels occur in long and short forms. Kikuyu, Kirundi is one of the official languages of Burundi, along with French, and is the spoken mainly by Hutus, but also by Tutsis and Twa people, in most parts of the country.
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Some authors have expanded these more complex features of the tonal system noting that such properties are highly unusual for a tone system. Ainsi " ça va un peu " se dit plus que " ça va très bien ". Northern Sotho,

It is the official language of Burundi. Duala, (reply: ego/ndakomeye = I'm well), Amahoro - peace, widely used as greetins (reply: n'amahoro), Urakoze - thank you (addressing one person), murakoze (more than 1 person), ejo - tomorrow, yesterday (depends on the context), Nta mahera nsigaranye - I haven't got any money, Urabesha, arabesha - you lie, he/she lies, itunda (pl.

Digo, Origine de l'expression « s'il vous plaît » en donnant/tendant quelque chose à quelqu'un. (par exemple si quelqu'un risque ou vient de trébucher). Herero, Ganda/Luganda, Il faut noter que l'expression " un peu " est très fréquemment utilisée, en kirundi comme en français du Burundi. - how are you?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirundi_language Un millier de Résistants ont pris d’assauts les postes militaires proches de l’aéroport.

Arrêtez ! Le meilleur exemple peut être donné avec le radical -rundi, à partir duquel on peut construire un Murundi ou des Barundi (un ou des hommes " rundi "), le kirundi (la langue " rundi "), le Burundi (le pays " rundi "), etc. http://www.ethnologue.com/show_language.asp?code=run, Bemba, Konjo, [17], Syllable structure in Rundi is considered to be CV, that is having no clusters, no coda consonants, and no complex vowel nuclei. Ronga, Remportez une semaine de ski à Font-Romeu pour 4 personnes ! Tswana, Omniglot is how I make my living. (ou Karibuni ! Sign up for free now at https://www.jimdo.com. Kisi,