Ray starts to plead that she doesn't want to die while still being an abomination to God, but Zack points his scythe at her, reminding her that she made an oath to be killed not to the God she believed, but to him. Ray tries to find some clues again to get out but Zack then gets impatient and sits on the only empty chair.

- Episode 4, to Zack. If it doesn’t then it means that we aren’t seeing anything about angels of death anymore.

Zack told her to smile and Rachel cried and showed emotions when he arrived. Or was that just a “hey we are just gonna put this as a special thing”? Both he and Ray, have this moment where they almost black out, Zack’s eyes go red and all he can see is his victim.

Cameras loom above as Ray walks passed a gate to a wall that reads the written text: Who art thou? Her desperation in needing a God she believes made her so delusional that she saw Zack as her God.

I personally will go with this one, and here are the arguments supporting this theory: – There was blood on the window at the end of the scene, this is to symbolize bloody escape. Without hesitation, Ray cuts them all down and enters the room, which is a church.

Ray calmly denies being a witch against Cathy and Eddie's testimonies against her or react at the sentences they proposed on her, but Ray begins to falter during Danny's testimony that also reveals Danny knows what Ray is trying to hide. Rachel Gardner(レイチェル・ガードナー Rachel Gardner), also known as Ray, is the protagonist of the game, mangaand anime Satsuriku no Tenshi. Coming to terms with her twisted actions, Ray renews her oath with Zack and both reconciled. How did Zack get the same clothes and a scythe? Sadly, it looks like there won’t be more than 16 episodes.

In the novelization, once the police break through the door, and find that both of them are missing, they immediately conduct a search for Zack and Ray after the night they escaped together, however, the search is fruitless due to not having any single trace or clue of their whereabouts. As much as I would like 2 as well, I feel as though it would be feeding into the whole Zack x Rachel pairing. Her eyes vary in saturation through the game: She wears a shirt that has black and white horizontal stripes where it almost covers her black shorts, a loose white cardigan and clunky black boots with silver buckles.

It breaks my heart to even just think about this ending being real. Ray and Zack return to the living room to pick up her dropped handgun before going, but is shocked to find Danny once again missing and has broken her handgun, leaving them no choice but to leave without it. For a while, Ray lived with Danny in B1, who gladly helped her in setting up traps within the floor and would bring her gifts that he thought she would like; even going to the extent of bringing her parents' corpses into her room. Danny then appears again, holding Ray at gunpoint. I personally think that 3 is the most possible, for it seems to be something Zack would do. But I also know it’s recognized as one of the classics. Ray's plans work, allowing them to get out of the room. Zack confirms that he is indeed Isaac Foster and asks how she feels about it and if she is afraid of him. Though I bet he would make a lot of money as a hitman.

A sacrifice? She tells Ray to go to her room, to which Ray responds that she needs to ask her something. Afterwards, Ray started to act like a normal person, particularly in regards to Zack who she developed a close bond with over time. Ray finds the obstacle unexpectedly easy, so she arrives first before Zack.