An easy pork tenderloin dinner in under an hour - great for meal prep and makes amazing leftovers for a healthy, low carb keto or paleo diet eating plan, too! This is one of the best mulled cider recipes I’ve tried. Thank you! You can use either but dark rum is best. Enjoy! Thanks so much!

I found a way to take it up a notch by combining ordinary spiked cider with hot buttered rum, a classic holiday cocktail.

If you love this sparkling cider rum punch, be sure to check out our other easy cocktails! You will be famous! Hi- I'm Courtney O'Dell, the writer and photographer behind Sweet C's. I really only drink wine so when it comes to liquor I am clueless. After the party ended, friends kept popping in for refills, so kids weren’t my only trick-or-treaters this year!

We love a good drink around here - and we're excited to share some of our favorite easy drinks with you!

Advertising, media and other inquiries- please contact [email protected], Your email address will not be published. That said, Kraken Rum is kind of changing that for me so I definitely suggest a high quality spiced rum for this cider rum punch.

Offered the rum if they wanted it.

I made this for a party tonight and everyone loved it! This delicious twist on a cocktail is made with orange juice and an unsalted glass, for a less-sweet but flavor-packed margarita cocktail! wow i love t hat SO much… can i cut and paste it into my blog??

Hi Patricia, I know very little about canning and not sure that storing the cider this way would be advisable. (thanks again!!). You can make a big batch of this rum punch and store it in the fridge, then top with sparkling cider when you're ready for a drink - and it's really versatile, so you can change it up as you'd like.

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i made thiss for my halloween party last night! everyone loved it . It’s almost like dessert. Any suggestions for a cold version?

“Top with rum or apple brandy if desired”…please, must you even suppose??!!! I’m just stumbling on this recipe now. I used a very good quality brand of apple brandy and I believe that this made a difference in the quality of the mulled cider, as well.

No Ruth, the butter should not separate from the mixture, but if you see any signs of that, just stir it before serving. I am absolutely having my girlfriends over this weekend so we can chill out and celebrate the chilly weather with this decadent cocktail. And do the mason jars need to be refrigerated? I was going to serve this on Halloween but now realize it will be a warm night here in N. Carolina. Please LMK how it turns out! Hope your guests enjoy! But if all you have are just a few ingredients, it’s still yummy!

We have had many apple cider rum recipes and wanted to try this one. How much rum can I add to this ahead if time instead if adding it to their drinks after poured? This recipe looks great! Now, I’m cooking for my family and sharing all my tested & perfected recipes with you here! Read more…, Plus free email series "5 of a Classically Trained Chef". I just found this recipe through a google search and I’m hooked!

I use Myers’s Jamaican Dark Rum – it should be easy to find. Could you tell me what kind of dark rum you use. I don’t think you’ll need to “babysit” it during the party. Apple cider definitely pairs best with rum, although I have to admit to not being a huge fan of rum. I personally think this drink iss perfect to make aa giaant baatch and leep in the fridge in a jar with aa tight fitting lid.

Simple and fantastic recipe. I made this for the party– it was a huge HIT!!! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

For more hot ciders, hot chocolates, and mulled wines, ... 1 qt. Cut the recipe in half for a smaller gathering. It’s on!

The Best Baked Garlic Pork Chops Recipe Ever, Lemon Garlic Parmesan Baked Chicken Wings Recipe, The Best Crispy Baked Chicken Wings Ever Recipe. It sounds wonderful! My “GO-TO” recipes to make dinnertime Founded in 2008 by editor and cocktail shaker in residence, Cyd Converse, The Sweetest Occasion is a food and lifestyle blog featuring easy party recipes, entertaining tips, party ideas, festive cocktails and more!

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Sign up for my 30 minute dinner plans direct to your inbox! I'd love to know how it turned out! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I don’t have any idea of what to buy. Such a great warmer-upper… Thanks Jenn! First of all I love your site.

Your email address will not be published. I personally love these jars for pre-mixing cocktails - I make aa big batch without the sparkling cider (it is very important to NOT mix the sparkling cider in, since the carbonation will fade as the drink is stored).

I'm Jenn Segal - Classically Trained Chef, Cookbook Author & Busy Mom. Thanks and looking forward to trying more of your recipes. Do I need to get clear rum or dark rum? Rate the recipe: 5 stars means you loved it, 1 star means you really disliked it.

It has been requested for Thanksgiving & Christmas dinner. The only change I made was that I added three cinnamon sticks and many orange slices to the mulled beverage while it stayed warm on the stove.

It’s okay if you only have apple juice instead of cider. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I love this drink and am going to link to it for tomorrow’s version!!
I used apple brandy (after some research it appeared that apple brandy was the better choice over rum or other alcohol types).

This sounds fantastic!

Every Wednesday for Wordless {Wordful} Wednesday, I write a post called “Adult Beverage of the Week”. Kelly is my neighbor and we are always talking about what to make for dinner and she turned me on to Once Upon a Chef. And if you’re using the 64 ounces of cider that the recipe calls for, you can add 12 ounces of rum to the mix. Learn how your comment data is processed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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That said, Kraken Rum is kind of changing that for me so I definitely suggest a high quality spiced rum for this cider rum punch.