That is really impressive for a person who created wealth from what we may call ‘waste’. He is also a writer and has three books published that get a hit.

Now that I am home, I have recorded your shows and watch one or two episodes every night. RIGHT: Foyer entrance leads you to the hallway decorated with a wooden windmill blade and framed vintage motorcycle attire from Mike's collection.

He is widely popular as the creator and star of the television show American Pickers which aired on History Channel.

'When I looked at this house, within like five minutes I go, did Bill Powell build this house?” he says, referring to William Powell who owns an eponymous home and garden store in Franklin. Wolfe is an avid motorbike collecter and has a wide range of motorbike in his collection.
That's not to say that the house was in perfect shape. But he was only famous for his profession after his own show American Pickers aired on the History Channel. And some of them, the true super-fans, make a point to hit Leiper’s Fork for a glance of the expert himself—even going so far as to knock on his door, which is one of the reasons why Wolfe went searching for this new house a year ago. Mike has long advocated for small town heritage tourism. I hope you have a long career on tv because it’s hard to find good honest people!!

Some he sells at his shop, Antique Archaeology (with locations in Nashville and LeClaire, Iowa), a few he sets aside for design clients, and many find their way to his Leiper's Fork, Tennessee, home, where every room is filled with country character. 'Every inch of it needed paint, a lot of it needed flooring,” he says, but structurally, he saw the beauty in the details. Travelers who’d like to be immersed in Mike Wolfe’s Two Lanes backroad lifestyle can now make themselves at home in his Columbia, Tennessee loft, the Two Lanes Guesthouse.

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“He’s been dealing in antiques since the 70s and started buying property. He is a married man. After their wedding in 2012, he moved his family to a new dream house. As the co-host of American Pickers on the HISTORY channel, Mike Wolfe has made a living doing what he loves most: Following dirt roads through sleepy towns across America in search of cobweb-covered gems from bygone eras. I like to pick too but I have to restrict myself to only those things I can use. I got my start as a picker by combing through farms for old bicycles. Let us get to know more about American Pickers star, Mike Wolfe net worth and details of his estate, house. Among Richest Journalists? Also, there was a rumor about Mike leaving his show, but it has not been proven yet. That’s not to say that the house was in perfect shape. That’s why I started the project,” he says about his show.
(He has also been working hard to renovate and preserve a 1947 Chevy dealership and Texaco station on the street he is calling Columbia Motor Alley -- just a block from the guesthouse!) Can’t wait to visit your store for the second time. What style were you looking at specifially? Unlike most of the “rusty gold” he seeks out on his History Channel show, American Pickers, the 5,100-square-foot gem, which sits on 32 acres of woodlands, was priced just right. Now, that’s a man living according to his means in a house of dreams. At the height of the show’s popularity, the American Pickers star had more than 5 million viewers. According to the TV star, his appearance was never meant to gain mass popularity and fame. The show was compared to another famous America reality TV shows such as. He started his passion at the age of six. Mike Wolfe’s Two Lanes Guesthouse is officially open to the public as a unique, Main Street loft vacation rental in Columbia, Tennessee. It's easy to go overboard, though, so I like to stick to just one spot.