Has Wounded Warrior Project cleaned up its act? Can I join Military college for MPC after 10? There are six types of MOSs, divided into primary MOSs and non-primary MOSs.

Occupational Fields (OccFlds) are identified in the first two digits and represents a grouping of related MOSs. Promotions should not be considered a reward for past performance, but as incentive to excel in the next higher grade. How do you think about the answers? Their original PMOS will be retained in service records as an Additional MOS. Officers are not strictly promoted based upon their MOS; all MOS carried by an officer are considered during the selection board process. Get 0311 mos roadmap PDF file for free from our online library PDF File: 0311 mos roadmap 0311 MOS ROADMAP PDF 0311 mos roadmap are a good way to achieve details about operating certainproducts. MOSs not meeting this criterion will be deemed as nonperforming MOSs and subject to deletion/disapproval. ), 7200 Basic Air Control/Air Support/Antiair Warfare/Air Traffic Control Marine, 72X1 Air Control/Air Support/Anti-Air Warfare Trainee, 7254 Air Traffic Controller–Radar Approach Controller (NMOS) – GySt-Pvt, 7291 Senior Air Traffic Controller – MGySgt–GySgt, 7201 Basic Air Control/Air Support/Antiair Warfare/Air Traffic Control Officer, 7300 Basic Enlisted Flight Crew Marine - MGySgt-Pvt, 73X1 Air Traffic Control & Enlisted Flight Crews Trainee, 7314 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Air Vehicle Operator – MGySgt-Pvt, 7372 Tactical Systems Operator/Mission Specialist, 7381 Airborne Radio Operator / In-flight Refueling Observer / Loadmaster Trainee (ARO / IRO / LM), 7380 Tactical Systems Officer/Mission Specialist, 7503 Billet Designator - Fixed-Wing Pilot, 7504 Billet Designator - Naval Flight Officer, 7505 Billet Designator - Helicopter Pilot, 7506 Billet Designator - Any Pilot/Naval Flight Officer, 7517 VH-92/71, Presidential Helicopter Pilot (NMOS "Any PMOS 756X," 7532), 7534 Aircraft Division Lead (DL) Qualification (NMOS, 7535 Flight Leader (FL) Qualification (NMOS, 7536 AV-8B Weapons Training Officer (WTO) Qualification (NMOS 7509, 8042), 7537 Marines Division Tactics Course (MDTC) Qualification (NMOS 7518, 7523, 7525, 8042), 7538 EA-6B Defensive Tactics Instructor (DEFTACTI) Qualification (NMOS 7543, 7588, 8042), 7539 AV-8B Air Combat Tactics Instructor (ACTI) Qualification (NMOS 7509, 8042), 7544 Forward Air Controller (Airborne) Instructor (FAC(A)I) Qualification (NMOS, 7547 Night Systems Instructor (NSI) Qualification (NMOS, 7557 Pilot VMGR, KC-130 Aircraft Commander, 7570 VH-60N Presidential Helicopter Pilot Qualified (NMOS, 7571 VH-3D Presidential Helicopter Pilot Qualified (NMOS, 7573 Strategic Refueling Area Commander (STRATRAC), 7577 Weapons and Tactics Instructor (FMOS), 7580 Naval Flight Officer, (NFO) Tactical, 7582 Naval Flight Officer, (NFO) FRS Basic EA-6B, 7588 Naval Flight Officer (NFO) Qualified EA-6B Electronic Warfare Officer, 8007 Billet Designator—Unrestricted Ground Officer (FMOS), 8010 Billet Designator-Warrant Officer (FMOS), 8016 Special Technical Operations Officer, 8042 Colonel, Naval Aviator/Naval Flight Officer, 8056 Hazardous Material/Hazardous Waste (HM/HW) Officer, 8058 Acquisition Manager/Acquisition Core Member, 8059 Aviation Acquisition Management Professional, 8077 Weapons And Tactics Instructor (WTI) (FMOS), 8111 Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Craft Coxswain, 8220 Billet Designator—Political Military Officer, 8223 Regional Affairs Officer, People's Republic of China, 8243 Foreign Area Officer, People's Republic of China (PRC), 8244 Foreign Area Officer, Middle East/North Africa, 8245 Foreign Area Officer, Sub-Saharan Africa, 8247 Foreign Area Officer, Western Europe, 8248 Foreign Area Officer, East Asia (Excluding People's Republic of China), 8249 Foreign Area Officer, Eastern Europe (Excluding Former Soviet Union), 8834 Technical Information Operations Officer, 8000 General Service Marine (BASIC MOS) – MGySgt–Pvt, 8011 Basic Marine with Enlistment Guarantee (BASIC MOS) – MGySgt–Pvt, 8012 Ground Safety Officer (Enlisted FMOS), 8014 Billet Designator—Enlisted (FMOS*) – MGySgt–Pvt, 8016 Special Technical (STO) Administrator (Enlisted FMOS), 8026 Parachutist/Combatant Diver Marine (NMOS), 8033 Quality Assurance Technician (Subsistence), 8060 Acquisition Specialist (Enlisted) (FMOS), 8071 Special Operations Capabilities Specialist (SOCS) (NMOS), 8111 Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Craft (CRRC) Coxswain, 8112 Riverine Assault Craft (RAC) Crewman, 8114 Rigid Raiding Craft (RRC)/Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) Coxswain, 8153 Billet Designator—Marine Corps Security Force (MCSF) Cadre Trainer (EMOS), 8154 Billet Designator—Marine Corps Security Force Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Team Member (FMOS*), 8412 Career Recruiter (PMOS) – MGySgt–GySgt, 8421 Career Retention Specialist - MGySgt-Sgt, 8431 Psychological Operations Noncommissioned Officer - GySgt-Cpl, 8511 Drill Instructor - SgtMaj/MGySgt-Sgt, 8513 Marine Combat Instructor - GySgt-Cpl, 8531 Billet Designator—Marksmanship Instructor - MGySgt-Sgt, 8623 Small Unmanned Aircraft System Specialist (FMOS), 8641 Microminiature Repairer (NMOS 21XX, 28XX, 59XX), 8652 Reconnaissance Man, Parachute Qualified - SgtMaj/MGySgt-Pvt, 8653 Reconnaissance Man, Combatant Diver Qualified - SgtMaj/MGySgt-Pvt, 8654 Reconnaissance Man, Parachute and Combatant Diver Qualified - SgtMaj/MGySgt-Pvt, 8915 Billet Designator—Food Service Attendant - LCpl-Pvt, 8921 Billet Designator—Athletic and Recreation Assistant - MGySgt-Pvt, 9811 Member, The President's Own, United States Marine Band - MGySgt-SSgt, 9812 Member, "The Commandant's Own," U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps - MGySgt-Pvt, 9915 Special Assignment—Enlisted - MGySgt-Pvt, 9916 Billet Designator—Enlisted - MGySgt-Pvt, 9935 Special Technical Operations - MGySgt-Pvt, 9936 Substance Abuse Control Specialist - MGySgt-SSgt, 9952 Combatant Diver Marine - SgtMaj/MGySgt-Pvt, 9953 Parachutist/Combatant Diver Marine - SgtMaj/MGySgt-Pvt, 9954 Hazardous Material/Hazardous Waste (HM/HW) Staff Noncommissioned Officer/Noncommissioned Officer - MGySgt-LCpl, 9971 Basic Marine with Enlistment Guarantee - MGySgt-Pvt, 9973 Fixed-Wing Transport Aircraft Specialist, KC-130J, 9974 Vertical Takeoff Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Specialist, 9991 Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps - SgtMaj, 9999 Sergeant Major-First Sergeant - SgtMaj-1stSgt, 9701 Joint Qualified Officer Nominee (FMOS), 9702 Joint Qualified Officer (JQO) (FMOS), 9934 Information Operations Staff Officer, 9958 Acquisition Management/Acquisition Core Member, This page was last edited on 27 October 2020, at 15:36.

Previous versions of MCO 1200.17_ series directives are cancelled, including MCO 1200.17E, the last in the series before beginning the annual NAVMC-type directive series.[1][2]. The United States Marine Corps Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) is a system of categorizing career fields. The following MOSs apply only to the Drum and Bugle Corps: Formally known as Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense (NBCD), 05 Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Plans, 13 Engineer, Construction, Facilities, & Equipment, 23 Ammunition and Explosive Ordnance Disposal, 25 Communications (OccFld deleted entirely 1 Oct 2005), 26 Signals Intelligence/Ground Electronic Warfare, 40 Data Systems (OccFld deleted after 1 Oct 2005), 57 Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense, 68 Meteorological and Oceanographic (METOC), 72 Air Control/Air Support/Anti-air Warfare/Air Traffic Control, 73 Navigation Officer/Enlisted Flight Crews, 75 Pilots/Naval Flight Officers (All MOS in this OccFld are Unrestricted Line Officer-only), 90 Identifying and Reporting MOSs (Category III) (All MOS are Officer-only). FMOS prerequisites are qualified OccFld 75XX pilots. Below are listed the current authorized Marine Corps MOSs, organized by OccFld, then by specific MOS.

6226 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic. All enlisted and officer Marines are assigned a four-digit code denoting their primary occupational field and specialty. Best bet is the app or a google search will bring up a PDF doc. NMOS 0691 prerequisites MOS 0602, 0605, 0620, 0630, 0640, 0670, Redesignated after 1 Oct 2005 from "European II (East) Cryptologic Linguist". There will be block posts only allowing vaccinated move on the roads. MOSs suitable for assignment as primary for limited duty officers.