Yellow: Neon J. will send out a Yellow android that will strike the middle of the stage with a large splash radius. It is unknown whether or not he had been fully human at some point. Other than releases for the PlayStation 4 and PC, Metronomik announced additional console transfers for the Nintendo Switch and XBOX One in their Rock Rebellion trailer on May 14, 2020, along with a Collector's Edition for all console ports (excluding PC) that is available to pre-order. The name of the band, "1010", also happens to be the binary … A mural of 1010 and Neon J. that appears in Tatiana's office.

The battle begins with 1010 flirting with Mayday, who falls for it.

While not shown in game, their individual personalities were based on popular tropes in boy bands. 15 days ago. Metronomik's signature logo of a heart-shaped metronome with leaves that is covered in a prism-shaped glass appears in the "Welcome to Vinyl City" trailer. The binary number 1010 is converted to decimal form as 10. Mayday is a massive fan of 1010, even being tricked by their flirtatious talking at the beginning of the battle. Neon J. is their creator, manager, and captain. In harder difficulties, this attack covers the entire stage in a pattern. No Straight Roads is a rhythm-based action-adventure game developed by Malaysian studio Metronomik and published by Sold Out. Defeat 1010 without getting knocked out.

What's also unique is that the military theme is similar to BTS's fanbase, the ARMY. Rin Haym Eloni Purlhew Zimelu Rating No Straight Roads
After a few firing lines, they'll be a diagonal formation then ordered to take "to the skies" and come crashing down in the opposite diagonal direction, temporarily losing their shields, making them open to attacks. Voiced by PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC (Epic Games timed exclusive) Director(s) Cyborg = Change positions (Y Formation). Hair color

"Fire! [19], As of March 16 and March 17, 2020, Metronomik and CD Projekt Red, Cyberpunk 2077's developer, decided to work at home to polish and finalize their games, in quarantine from the coronavirus.

All Males When damaged from the factory explosion, their faces become "melted", revealing the endoskin which resembles a dark-blue flayed human head with bare teeth and exposed circuits. After defeating them and Neon J, Neon J assumes that they are there to finish off him or his men, to which they reply that they don't care about that. 15 notes. Community created with the goal of collecting news and hype about the game! "Hold position!" Even though the game labels 1010 EDM genre as. PEGI

Their home, Baracca Mansion, could also be a reference to barracks, a building used to house soldiers or workers.