Create a free website or blog at You can even buy them off the page! Waterloovile often gets bad press. With this picture editor, you can easily convert negatives to positives, restore pictures ripped in half, or fix faded photos. Old Horndean Photos. In David Joy’s Regional History of Railways in Great Britain he tells of a rail service to service the pits in this area as early as 1750, that began as wooden wagon ways that ran from Thwaite Gate to Temple Newsam that a decade later there were seven pits a network of wagon ways and an iron works. I originally found the stonework from the north side but I dare not climb down the south side of the river. Anyway, they were boatmen and one of their principal cargoes was coal shipped down to London and the south coast. Change ). Over a period of time I searched both sides of the river and the canal bank for the merest sign of Waterlooville, nothing. Videos 1. Waterlooville - Historic Photos and Maps of Waterlooville area.

When I was a lad about ten years old I went to stay with an aunt who lived in a cottage above Bramhope Tunnel and there was an air shaft which of course I climbed up the outside wall pulled myself across the lip and looked down. Until the 19th century, a great forest stretched across Southeast Hampshire. I lived in Rowlands Ave, I was born there in 1944. If you look at the side by side maps the smalpox hospital just touches the riverbank and there are some interesting radar shapes there that appear to be nothing from the satellite view. Purbrook Park House was built in 1770. By using this site, you consent to our use of cookies on … However, it was demolished in 1953. View old historical pictures and photos of Waterlooville in Hants and the surrounding area. The original settlement of Widley was about 1 mile west of the present place. Find over 100+ of the best free old images. In the future after the oil has gone they’ll reopen the old shafts and we’ll still have coal, we were a productive nation in those days, and he could never have anticipated the demise of our Industry, sadly the capital investment needed to regenerate our industry in my opinion will never be forthcoming. There are mature, all age, Asian and Christian singles just waiting to hear from you. ( Log Out /  Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest WhatsApp Email Link. It would seem the earlier Victorians and those who mined even earlier (coal was mined in the area since the 17th century) made the most of coal being at hand and sank shafts all over the place, unfortunately they were reckless in their infilling of them and neglected to mark their positions on maps, the result is: they keep opening up. This was the pit from which our lovely old paddy engines: Kitchener, Jubilee, Dora, Antwerp and later Sylvia were familiar sights delivering coal to the staithe on Easy Road or ferrying the miners to work at the pit itself.

Old Ferrotype (Tin Type) and looks turn of the century. Historic Maps of Waterlooville and the local area. Tags: Black Hills, Concealed coal field, East End Park, Exposed coalfield, Irwin Square, Paddy trains, pit shafts, Temple Newsam, Temple Pit, Waterloo Colliery, Waterloo Village, Waterlooville. I live near Bullough Lane so plan to go back in the winter when the trees are bare and see if there are any remains visible. I’ll try not fall down any holes, Doug. It shows there that the course of the river is different now to what it was in the past (changed by the open cast working?).

I think the proximity of the coal deposits to the waterways made it an attractive mining proposition. View old historical pictures and photos of Waterlooville in Hants and the surrounding area. Download the perfect old pictures.

However, in the late 19th century it grew rapidly. Apparently the village had several names over its lifetime, starting with ‘Newmarket’ and then later ‘Irwin Square’ and ‘Ingram Place’ (both named after the owners of Temple Newsam estate). A extraordinary collection of historic photos and maps of Waterlooville, the Waterlooville area and Hampshire. Because of this it looked like the site of the old school is now under the river Aire! Hi everyone, just joining you so playing catch up! Old Pictures 597. ( Log Out /  This entry was posted on September 1, 2018 at 12:14 am and is filed under East Leeds. At the time of the first census in 1801, the population of Widely was 277. It is surprising that Widley was allowed a fair as it was only a small village.

Posted by horndeanguy on May 8, 2015. They serve who only stand and wait. Fascinating Pete & well presented. However, the Widley fair ended in 1862.

© Copyright Frith Content Inc 1998-2020. I have placed the village on the map (Please see map) as seemingly between the river and the canal, there were two streets a square and a school cum Sunday school. In later years open cast mining has dredged the whole area.

Thankfully some kind organisation has now built a bridge across the river near to that old cement bridge making it easier to see across to the remains of the wall of the old Waterlooville School building also making it possible for walkers from Woodlesford and Rothwell to walk all the way across to Temple Newsam.

The Light Railway closed in 1935 and was replaced by buses. those pioneering days we have evolved sophisticated and As an on-line business operating in a rural area. Website hand-made by Frith, since 1998. Click here for more information. There were three old shafts at Knostrop when I was a lad, two behind Knostrop Old Hall had not been filled in at all and had crumbling brickwork housings across the top which foolhardy kids would climb up and look down to the water which always rises to the height of the water table in old shafts. The thing is though, I have always been fascinated and frightened with big holes in the ground with equal measure. Early in the 19th century, a windmill was built in Purbrook.

See all our Waterlooville photos. 2. This is a fascinating piece of research Peter which I first looked at last summer (2018). Some of my ancestors came from places down the river, I want to say Knottingley but my memory may be playing tricks. In 1715 Widley was granted an annual fair to be held in July. Excellent article Peter, I really enjoyed reading it. Details of prices, sizes and other specifications will also be shown on the next page. Waterlooville; Other ways to browse ️ Browse by tag Browse the map; Share this page. I will be putting this up on my youtube channel called “AdventureMe” in the coming weeks. I had just started as a volunteer researching the history of mining at Temple Newsam for an exhibition called Blot On The Landscape which has now opened and continues until October 2019. 12. I had always thought that it was the woollen industry that transformed Leeds but you are making a strong case that coal had a lot to do with it.

Browse By 1901 it was 1,619. Since Historic photos of the Waterlooville area and Hampshire.

There is a 20th century bridge there (for the old Rothwell Haigh Colliery) spanning the canal and river where the village used to be. It frightened me to death I still dream about that b.… air shaft. The UK’s leading publisher of local photographs since 1860, Coronavirus: I shudder when I think of the times I clambered over it without realising the danger. It is interesting how quickly local history gets expunged by time; a village and a school disappear into the dust in just a century or so. The first sod for Waterloo Colliery was taken on the eve of the battle of Waterloo, (1815), hence the name.

By Tim Lambert. Horndean, Village Salon, Hampshire © Colin Smith, Portsmouth, "TS Royalist" Sail Training Ship, sailing into harbour, Hampshire © Mark Pilbeam, Havant, The Cobden Arms, Hampshire © Peter Trimming, Waterlooville - Historic Photos and Maps of Waterlooville area, Shops Cars Health Fitness Eco Money Business Faith. I thought Pontefract was posh, but when I first came across the metropolis of Leeds, I realized I had to come and live here. The shaft was brick filled to about five feet from the top and there was still a bit of the pit head gear in place. Now I’m coming to the disappeared Waterloo village. Old Maps 14. I remember the pit closing and the Coke Ovens across the road.

The whole thing just leaves me hungry to find out more. But whatever the problem is, PhotoGlory will take care of it.

2 Comments. This shows "Mill Hill" Waterlooville, which looks to be London Road / Mill Road area. ( Log Out /  Please ‘click’ on maps to enlarge writing. Prints available. As an on-line business operating in a rural area Although there was another building on the map near where I found the wall, not sure what it was though. I wasn’t able to see any traces of old buildings (it was all too overgrown) and it seems, comparing old maps with modern ones, that the course of the river has been altered (moved further south to be closer to the canal) which means that the site of the old village schoolhouse is now possibly underwater! © Copyright Frith Content Inc 1998-2020.

I knew that there was lots of old pits around but not to that extent. Which I did. Find great local deals on Pictures for sale in Havant, Hampshire Shop hassle-free with Gumtree, your local buying & selling community. The Purbrook church (St Johns) was built in the years 1843-1858. In the late 19th century the village of Widley moved from its old location to a new spot by the main road from Portsmouth to Horndean. The trams ran through Widley and Purbrook.

The UK’s leading publisher of local photographs since 1860, Coronavirus: This group is for people to share their favorite pictures of Waterloovile events/groups and old photos …

At it vagrant boys learned trades such as shoemaking. A extraordinary collection of historic photos and maps of Waterlooville, the Waterlooville area and Hampshire. A new mapp of the kingdome of England 1 Karte : Kupferdruck ; 57 x 50 cm printed and given out by Nicolas Visscher upon the Dam at the signe of the fisher, by …

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I must point out that the map is a composite of several maps and covers a time period of over a century; they were not all in production at the same time. By 1851 it was 565. ... Old beach picture in frame for 3 pounds collect Waterlooville by the tip £3.

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Many shafts have been and gone between the first shaft and the end of mining in 1966. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Here are some old pictures of Cowplain and the surrounding area, dating from around the turn of the 20th century to about the mid 1930's. LOCAL INFORMATION for the Waterlooville area, Historic photos of the Waterlooville area, Waterlooville Area - Housing Schools Jobs Crime, EATING OUT, LEISURE, HOLIDAYS, ENTERTAINMENT - Waterlooville, Entertainment - Cinema, Theatre, Museums, Concerts, Christian Dating & Friendship around Waterlooville, Local Health Services - Doctors, Dentists serving Waterlooville, Waterlooville PreSchools, Primary, Secondary Schools, Consumer Advice for the Waterlooville area, Whats On around Waterlooville and Hampshire, National Community Local Information Network, Leaving the Military, Recruitment & Training, Current and old photos of the Waterlooville area and Hampshire, Current copyright free photos of the Waterlooville area, Click for recent copyright-free photos of Waterlooville and the PO7 postcode, Historic Images of Waterlooville area if available, Click for black and white Archive photos of Waterlooville and the Waterlooville area. Well done Daren you did Waterlooville proud. See the I always passed the old Robin Hood Pit Head just before the bridge over the motorway. 1. A Roman road from Chichester to Clausentum (Southampton) went through the site of Purbrook. 44 photo books My Youtube video about Widley and Purbrook.

In those days fairs were like markets but they were held only once a year and they attracted buyers and sellers from far and wide.

Temple Pit was located to the south east of Temple Newsam House near to a little road Called ‘The Avenue’, now disappeared too and not far off Bullerthorpe Lane at Swillington.