In addition to this, the revolver boasts a pinned front ramp sight, meaning it’s replaceable—perhaps with a tritium night sight if you foresee trouble at dusk. My number one choice on the list was a .22 Mag./.22 Long Rifle convertible rimfire version of the 3" barrel LCRx double-action revolver with adjustable sights. However, I found the Hogue Tamer that came installed quite comfortable. Fortunately, the cylinder charge holes are finished smooth, so tipping the gun upward and pushing the rod allows the spent shells to exit the gun unhindered.

But in this case, I stuck to five model ideas that seemed plausible based on the models already in production.

Aguila Interceptor 40-gr. I predicted that if any of the suggested models actually made it to market, the LCRx would be the first. Additionally, with less moving parts, a revolver is seen as one of the most reliable firearms you can get. The double-action (DA) trigger pull felt like it was less than 5 pounds, and the balance and accuracy were phenomenal—it’s a gun that is so easy to shoot you’d swear it shoots itself. Would we recommend this revolver for personal defense and general range shooting? It’s aluminum and stainless-steel construction will weather any conceivable event and the weight is great for carry, if you can rig the right holster before going afield. If they were going to copy the size and shape, why not go all the way and incorporate a more aesthetically pleasing ventilated rib? This can be a bit awkward considering you have eight chambers to load and they are quite small, as are the cartridges. December of 2013 marked the arrival of the LCRx with an exposed hammer that can be cocked for single-action fire, followed by the 3" barrel, adjustable sight .38 Spl. copper-plated flat points produced a single best group of 1.96" with a five-group average of 2.07". Seems the best bet is to place the top of the hammer at the bottom of the rear sight and go for it. Considering the gun, weight and the cartridge, I think both Ruger and Hogue hit more than a happy medium, and during my range time with the Ruger LCRx, I found the gun actually pleasant to shoot.

However, you can make the argument that they do themselves a disservice by going so small.

One suggestion to use a quality pocket holster. Some concealed-carry shooters might have concerns about the exposed hammer, but except for the mild checkering on the top surface, the edges of the hammer are free of any rough surfaces that could hinder the draw.

The caliber is well celebrated, and the GP100 makes the perfect platform for it The new eight-shot Redhawk was fun to shoot, too, though everyone seemed to mention its uncomfortable grips.

I was highly impressed with the Ruger LCRx, and because it offers the option of single- or double-action operation, I’d recommend it to anyone needing a gun for self-protection or field duty. While I wanted a light gun, the LCRX seemed too light to me.

Famously, it’s extremely easy to change the grips on the LCR and LCRx: There’s only one retention screw to remove. But we think Ruger has pulled something very special out of the bag with this cutting edge design. The trigger guard is generous and should present no drawbacks with extra-large fingers or when wearing gloves.

These are the guns that reside on the hip of the hunter and hiker to ward off the curious coyote or procure small game for the pot. (Photo: Terril Herbert). Since this latest LCRx has a frame size directly comparable to a Colt Diamondback, we wonder why Ruger went with a solid top rib.

The 10-pound double-action, however, is what caught my attention. Much has been written about Ruger’s friction-reducing cam in the LCR and LCRx revolvers; that is, how smooth it is and how there’s never a second thought about the trigger stacking. The arrival of this LCRx means two of the five wheelguns I wished for (along with lots of other folks) have been produced in two years. Home » Gun Reviews » Ruger LCRx .38 Special Review [2020] I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site.

The .357 LCRx comes in lighter than most double-stack polymer pistols, even subcompact models. Guns are fun, and cheap guns are even more fun. Six major concealed carry insurance programs are now available to the millions of Americans who carry concealed. I have a relatively small revolver collection in comparison to my 1911 arsenal, but I managed to pack a S&W Model 19 with a 2.5-inch barrel and a customized Model 19 with a 4-inch barrel, some Galco leather and a few hundred rounds of ammo into my car before making the four-hour drive from Tucson to Paulden, Ariz. The 22 LR cartridge has been around for a long time and any gun maker worth its salt has at least one pistol chambered in this little round.

However, it is a lot lighter than many other revolvers on the market.

Yet, it’s enough weight to absorb the magnum’s recoil better than ultra-lightweight revolvers—snubbies or otherwise. While this pushes the five-round revolver’s weight up to around 21 ounces, the heft is welcome. (Photo: Terril Herbert). Taurus introduces the compact version of their wildly successful 9mm pistol; the G3. The balance between the Tamer grips and the .38 Special cartridge kept recoil tolerable. The article originally appeared in the June 2019 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine. A hardened and rifled steel barrel insert is affixed to the inside of the shroud.

What’s especially impressive is the patent-pending polymer fire control housing. Furthermore, it made the LCRx less punishing and more accurate, at least shot to shot, allowing me to maintain greater control on follow-ups.

With a 3-inch barrel, the revolver has a decent sight radius. 4 oz. The trigger face is smooth, which leads to effortless deliberate double-action shooting. In summary, the Ruger LCRx in 22 LR makes a lot of sense as a good “all around” handgun, not just a kit gun.

Black Hills’ 148-grain hollow-base wadcutters (HBWC) were an absolute delight to shoot. Learn more, Ruger LCRx .38 Special Review Pros and Cons, Ruger LCRx .38 Special Review – Final Thoughts, Disclosures, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy, Best Sniper Scopes In 2020 – Ultimate Reviews, Top 8 Best AR-15 Lower Receiver In 2020 Review, Best AR-15 Muzzle Devices In 2020 Reviews, Top 8 Best Handguns For Under $500 in 2020, Best Handguns For Women On The Market 2020 Reviews, Best SKS Stocks Available In 2020 Reviews.

The design represents a successful evolution of the lightweight concealed-carry revolver concept. The gun’s controls are also very intuitive.

Physics dictates nothing less in a lightweight gun.

This was of little consequence at 7 yards, but further out it played a role. It’s well known for its superb accuracy and manageable recoil. 4 Must-Have Concealed Carry Upgrades (2020). with a short stroke that's free of any mushiness or over travel after the break. For example, the hottest round I shot was Sig Sauer’s 125-grain Elite Performance V-Crown, which clocked in at an average 1,281 fps, as measured by my chronograph 6 feet from the muzzle. (Photo: Terril Herbert). The single action trigger pull has virtually no slack at all while the double action pull is long, but smooth with no binding or stacking involved — it is that legendary LCR double action trigger. The sights were also very easy to read and they are adjustable unlike the sights on most revolvers I am apt to shoot.

Kit guns are those 22 caliber pistols, usually revolvers, that are handier than a pocket pistol but don’t weigh on the belt like a target gun would.

A trusty Lyman's digital trigger gauge says the double-action trigger pull of the gun reviewed is somewhere over 12 lbs.
Get 12 Issues a year of the country's best firearms writing. The LCRx can be had for under $500, quite low in its class for a “kit” gun. Accuracy is ample and the sights are excellent compared to some of Smith & Wesson’s kit guns. (Photo: Terril Herbert). Please try again. Plus, it’s made from cutting edge aerospace-grade 7000 series aluminum, which makes the gun super strong, yet adds another weight-reducing factor. And we hope you now have a better idea of whether this gun will suit your needs? This is important as you never know what kind of lighting you’ll be in when a potential attacker decides to come at you. The gun’s light weight won’t fatigue a new shooter and the platform is easy to understand with negligible recoil to boot. As I mentioned earlier, the DA trigger is a little heavy at around 12 pounds, but I was able to draw and fire the Ruger and make hits without any problems. A barbecue gun it is not. All Handguns subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. *Three shot averages; Velocity denoted in feet per second. The diameter of the cylinder at the bolt cuts measures a curt 1.28 inches, and cutouts around the periphery reduce weight.

I believe it was the first time any of us had fired these wonderfully machined and finished revolvers from Germany, and they shot exactly the way you’d expect guns costing several thousands of dollars to shoot. I packed my small set of drivers when I tested the LCRx, but the Ruger smiths were on their game and had it dialed in. To order a copy, visit

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