Price: $8390 ($8990) Rear brake: Single 240mm disc SWM has done nothing to the transmission ratios which is a shame, I would probably already bought one if they had a WR 6 speed. All Rights Reserved, Introducing the $1000 TopSpeed Student Scholarship. Front: Brembo twin-piston caliper, 260mm disc It’s a nice cycle. Inevitably with a smaller capacity four-stroke motor, the SWM is going to find more fans within mainland Europe than perhaps in Australasia or the US, due to both the nature of the trails and maybe a false allegiance to the 450 machines that is still plainly evident. I’m suspicious of that blue pipe showing. Well that was interesting I wonder if they sell them here. The chance of getting caught napping on this bike is limited. Wheelbase 1495mm Australia’s No.1 place to buy, sell and research new and used farm machinery and livestock. wonder if the rs500r would be a contender for the mythical bike. The tank holds a little over 5 gallons, which, with a single, should offer a very considerable range. If kept on the boil, the 300 R will happily pull steep terrain. The SWM is a well-built and very competent dirt bike at an astoundingly good price, and on that basis ticks all the boxes… we like all those attributes in any bike. EASY PICK UP Those who knew of the original company and kept their SWM bikes tucked in their garages might not be as excited to see the brand return, but for those who never got the chance to ride those old Italian dirt riders, we’ll finally get the chance to see for ourselves why SWM was so popular back in the day. ABS is standard and can be turned off at the rear. Cross Training Youtube channel: filling the gap where honda & yamaha refuse to supply a dependable mid spec bike that becomes a canvas on which many interpretations are applied. All single skin exhaust pipes blue. swm rs300r – the verdict Usually when you look at bikes that are significantly less expensive than the competition, it’s pretty obvious where the savings have been made. There is a single-muffler Arrow system available as an accessory that would be interesting to try. TECHNICAL DATA. Fuel injection That brings us to the SWM Superdual X, a 600cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve single cylinder adventure bike based heavily on the Husqvarna 2011/12 TE630. It looks as though in 2017 SWM still have the same quality control as Husky did back in 2010 and the finish is excellent. Here’s to them growing & in 5 years selling 2017 fe501s in Tour-Enduro spec for reasonable $’s … l wish them great success. Macchi is all set to helm the post for the reborn SWM, even going so far as to promise the arrival of seven motorcycles this year. Wheelbase: 1495mm Starter: Electric REVIEW: Body Rider Dual Trainer Exercise Bike & Eliptical, Budget Road Bike Review & The Brutal Truth, Schwinn AC Performance Plus VS Peloton Exercise Indoor Bike - Review & Comparison, Niner JET 9 RDO Review, Why You Need a Training Bike, Cam Wurf Bike Training Course Day 2: Feedback Sports Omnium Portable Bike Trainer Review, #1 Peloton Bike Review: Exercise Physiologist Trains After Peloton Bike Ride, Beginners Guide to Running a 5K – Running is easy when you know how, Home Detox – Step By Step Guide To Dextoxify The Body, 9 Weight Training Tips | Female Bodybuilding, John Cena Training for WWE | Muscle Madness, CrossFit – Coaching the Clean and Jerk with Natalie Burgener, HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS for FITNESS LOVERS! Thanks tHEtREV too, I plan to see and ride the SWM's in September, but I am very hesitant about their transmission ratios. For riders who might be concerned that a modern four-stroke is too responsive then the SWM would make for a capable alternative. Not surprisingly, the company will continue to stick to its endure and motocross roots with the introduction of three enduro models - the RS300R, RS500R and RS650R - and two Supermoto bikes - … This one’s cheaper but it seems to me to be a bit too dirt centered. Fuel capacity 7.2L PLUSH PUPPY The one thing we’ve noticed that wasn’t trail friendly previously was the white plastics, but they’ve been changed for 2019. As the trails twisted and turned around the hills I found the SWM to be surprisingly nimble, while the Brembo brakes are more than adequate at slowing the 300 R down. The SWMs are tried and tested European-built trail bikes with friendly price tags and slick performance. After several successful years of racing in Europe the company closed its doors in 1984. It’s married to a five-speed transmission with cable clutch. That brings us to the SWM Superdual X, a 600cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve single cylinder adventure bike based heavily on the Husqvarna 2011/12 TE630. But on those the chain was at a constant tension the sprocket was installed on the swing arm pivot point. SNAKE VENOM No, SWM bikes aren’t manufactured in China, they are manufacturered in Italy but with Chinese funding. A mid-size thumper that can conquer trails, climb mountains and run hard on the track. They are built in the same Husqvarna factory that passed to BMW and now finally to SWM. Then we played with the clickers and upped the speed on the SWM RS300R. The RS300R carries its load a little higher so it can tend to feel like it’s wallowing when you’re trying to stretch the throttle cable. Fuel metering: Mikuni D42 EFI Our enduro vlog series: There’s nothing wrong. The 6-speed transmission and KYB suspension make the RS 300R versatile yet capable to a wide range of riders. We’ve reached out to SWM Italy and SWM’s US importer to see if we can get any more information on an estimated landing time here in America but we are still on hold (click for update here!). Liquid-cooled DOHC 4-valve single cylinder four-stroke. Would this be a good pick if I wanted it as a do it all bike for commuting, shorter trips, easier trails etc.? SWM was a heavyweight in its heyday, winning its fair share of endure championships before going into liquidation in 1984. I would love to hear if anyone has taken the SWM RS300R on any kind of longer ride. First ride was off road on a private property with my lad on his rm125, my mate on his kx250 and his son on yz125. With a mild-mannered engine packing enough mumbo to run hard and strong all day long, the RS 300R is capable of big thrills that will make you smile. On the flipside, this engine creates more torque and is happy to be ridden much lower in its rev range. Yamaha’s WR250R and Suzuki’s DR-Z400E are in the price park, and offer an affordable entry to trail riding for those who aren't fussed about having the latest or greatest, but neither of these have the quality components or level of performance offered by SWM. As a newby, I picked up a Husky TR 650 Terra, love it and have been watching the SWM story unfold as I will want an upgrade in a few years and find the KTM . A couple questions: Whats the oil change interval? Prospective buyers are flooded for choice in the dirt bike world, so what bikes are comparable to the SWMs, which are priced at $8390 (RS 300 R) and $8990 (RS 500 R) respectively?