This is actually the trickiest part, or at least the most fiddly. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. HELP!!!!!!!! Overall the Swytch system is versatile, its ease of installation is excellent, and the parts are of sound quality. I’m not one for funding start ups but decided to go for this upgrade for my Brompton bike.You do have to pay up front and it can be a bit if a long waiting game (especially with the pandemic) but they do deliver a quality and great value product that is worth the wait !The wait can seem like a long long time but you do get updates and you do have to pay fir the import duty and vat (as you do for anything else of value) but once you get the kit there is no looking back.I have had great support from Swytch too on my original kit when I damaged the motor and had a few early teething problems, all resolved quickly. Velo Orange sells a wheel stabilizer which you can grab from Amazon for less than $12. Swytch has simplified the process of electrifying your current bicycle. Instantly unclipping, there’s no locking option on the pack itself. Swytch Universal eBike Kit Review CROWDFUNDED REVIEW – Electric bikes are on the rise. Required fields are marked *. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. I am useless at any DIY, so my local cycle mechanic fitted the kit (i did not even attempt it). Trakke wants to add some Whisky to your carry with their new collection! Their order system is baffling and no matter which links I follow from emails (very few) and their website I cannot find concrete information of the whereabouts of my order. Your tire may have directional tread, so check the sidewall for an arrow or other indication. Das Video von Swytch Bike zeigt, mit welch einfachen Handgriffen das Kit montiert wird.

I ordered the 700c wheel knowing that it would work with the v-brakes on the Bianchi. Luckily neither the assistance provided by the motor nor the overall distance calculated seems to be affected. Mit einer maximalen Reichweite von 50 km is… Customer support has been exceptional even given the time difference and startup activities.Would highly recommend and definitely would buy again. Disappointed. Excellent bike kit for those that can wait. As to customer service, my experience has been positive. Yeah there were delays getting the kits out. Replies to my comments Cyclist™ is a registered trade mark. Once I had the correct PAS disc installed and the sensor stuck to an alternative location, and I finally figured out how to turn it on, I was good to go. I have been dealing with Swytch for more than 2 years now right from the original release. One gripe though. There is a power adjustment in the battery config. Thank you Swytch! Major delays with orders and minimal notifications. I’d love to be able to review the actual kit; however, since I am still waiting to receive it, having ordered and paid in full 8 months ago, all I can review is the actual service, which is non-existent and completely unacceptable. Ordered 2 ECO kits.

Their Indiegogo campaign is almost 4000% funded and closes in a couple days. I see all types around the bay area too; kid carriers, commuters, big bike … The cables and pedal assist parts are negligible. If you order, don’t believe the shipping estimates (I was told 12 weeks) and expect delay after delay after delay, which will never, ever be their fault. These are thoughtfully provided for additional expansion. The yellow connector is for adding an optional throttle. Buy an Electric Bike Conversion kit from Swytch Bike. Each customer service tells a very different ‘story’ which gave me the impression they are not being truthful. On normal bikes, these are sometimes referred to as lawyer washers as they keep a wheel from falling off if the axle nuts loosen.

Source: The sample of this product was provided by Swytch. I highly recommend this kit otherwise. Again depending on the design of your frame it may need to be mounted in a different location, but the key is that you get it nice and close (~1mm) with the bullseye on the circle above centered on the magnets within the pedal ring. Hier lässt sich schon vorab der vorwiegende Einsatzzweck vermuten. A brand new e-bike at a bargain price has probably been de-spec’ed in all the standard bike parts. If you’re running around town, you can lock up your bike and bring the pack with you. The dimensional difference in both size and weight is impressive with the new Power Pack weighing in at just 3.8lbs (and remember that’s battery, motor controller and mode control/display all in one pack).

Before starting the installation, go ahead and connect the Swytch Power Pack to the charger and plug it in to make sure you top off the battery before your first ride. Now I need to go on the hunt for some Celeste Green zipties. This means that you can pedal your bike without having to fight the motor if the system is off or if you’ve depleted the battery. Regardless, it’ll suit most commutes, and if fitted to a racier bike will give the lift you need to make it up bigger hills or stick with your speedier compatriates. I would have given Swytch 5 stars, but downgraded to 4 due to lack of updated delivery information. Also, they have dealt with the Covid-19 crisis worse than every other company. There's no way that a generic Chinese kit from Amazon isn't going to be cheaper and ACTUALLY GET DELIVERED so that it can be used. You may need to change the position and orientation for your bicycle, but just make sure that the flats are engaged in your fork properly before tightening the axle nuts. Swytch is also working on an alternative smartphone-controlled micro battery that could fit in a handbag. Probably meant I was one of the first to order and last to receive. Speed: Provides assistance up to 32kph/20mph. The Swytch universal e-bike conversion kit will transform any old bike into a whizzy modern e-bike by swapping your stock front wheel for one with a motor and adding a battery pack to the handlebars. The Swytch Universal eBike Kit is a conversion-in-a-box that will transform your existing bicycle into an electric one. You have to be super patient to make it through the delivery though. Although on the plus side it does have a backlight if you want to read it at night, along with an illuminated logo on the front to help add a little extra visibility. A lot of the expense of an e-bike is in the battery and motor. Your email address will not be published. Each increased level provides more power assist, but also a bigger drain on the battery. There are just way too many distracted drivers going to and from work for me to trust them on roads with no shoulders at this time. Swytch Eco for Brompton. It’s roughly about a 3kg/6.6lb hit. A bit of a spruce up, and it’s proved the perfect bike for getting around town. Here’s how it looks on this bike. You sort of end up leaving it 15! Regarding the Brompton conversion....the kit is excellent and far exceeded my expectations. Communication from the Swytch team was good. I have been waiting 6 months for my kit, with just a series of cheerful emails postponing my order. Not a big deal, just more time consuming.

The product may be the best in the world, but if not backed up by a good honest and reliable company, in difficult times and faced with the prospect of no wheel and the possible loss of my monies, I made my choice. Everything you need is in one box, and the only specialized bicycle tools you will need are a bicycle air pump and maybe some tire levers. Extra weight from front wheel and battery is not even noticed on our Trek road bikes. Due to covid delivery was delayed but Swytch did regular updates on progress. Showing overall distance, trip distance, time, and power, along with current speed and battery level, there’s no range remaining option. Want to know more? Install the wheel on your bike, again keeping that motor cable on the rider’s left. The pedal sensor is well designed and if one is patient and follows the guides, it comes together quite well and seems to be firmly positioned. Range: Up to 50km/31m

Go ahead and get the tire on your new wheel making sure the motor’s power cable is on the rider’s left of your bicycle. Last thing is I’d like to recommend one small addition if you’re looking at picking up a Swytch system for yourself. The power pack has a proprietary dock on your handlebars that securely mounts while allowing you to remove it at the press of a button to take it with you for security or to charge which can be done at a flap at the rear which is easy to access on or off the bike. Also pleasing is the system’s ability to allow keen home tinkerers to get into its back-end. Where to buy: Swytch and Indiegogo (shipping due in March 2020) This is the 12 magnet ring that mounts around your left crank spindle (non-drive side). Die Konstruktion ist minimalistisch. that my kit was on the same ship. The first step is to remove the front wheel from your bicycle. TerraMaster F2-422 10GbE 2-bay Professional NAS review, CHOETECH Portable Solar Panel charger review, ZHIYUN Smooth XS Phone Gimbal Stabilizer review, Save valuable space on your desk with the Samsung 32″ Space Monitor. Here’s the 6 bolt mounting for discs…. Lock it into place with the included snap ring. Celt Rowlands. Here’s the two side by side. The software they have written is very good and the motor response to the pedal sensor is intuitive and fun. Especially as it’s got its own handle. I have not tried it on any hills yet. I found the instructions plain and clear. Swytch now in silent mode, no response received.Ultimatum to Swytch by email 31 October to give delivery date, Swytch still in silent mode and no response received.2 November, still without response and Dispute raised with credit card company. I understand we are experiencing a 100 year pandemic and the delays could not be helped. It was plagued with a series of unfortunate events that caused more and more delays, not all were completely outside their control as they would suggest. With Swytch, that has all changed and I can now ride longer and up the worst hills without discomfort.