It was maybe eleven at night, and we were playing truth or dare after telling scary stories, and my fourteen year old cousin dared me and the thirteen year old to go walk through the paths for ten minutes or so. ... Legend has it that this beyond-terrifying creature has the power to change into many different types of wild and domestic animals including human children and adults! In one account multiple cattle where mysteriously taken and crowded into a small trailer on the property, a feat that would have been nearly impossible to do since cattle will not willingly be crowded into a small area very easily.

Click here. Very eerie and unnerving reports also claim that the creature will sometimes try to duplicate the exact voice or even cry for help from a friend or a loved one, in hopes that this will trick the person into going of to investigate in response! Many of them claim that the original Shapeshifters were a spiritual force of good for the Navajo people, that worked to protect them from outside forces and invaders, by having the ability to shape-shift into wild animal and spy on the camps of the enemy... ... As legend has it, the original Shapeshifters come into being during the time of the Spanish Settlers intrusion into the territorial areas of the Navajo people. When they were finally found the cattle had been somehow put into a trance like state where they appeared to be unconscious and unaware of what they had been doing or where they where! These frightening creatures have been know to take on the shape and physical appearance of both humans and animals. If you decide to take the steps necessary to waking or conjuring up a Skinwalker, make dam sure that you are able to protect yourself and your loved ones by having the phone number of a real Navajo Medicine Man you can contact in-case something goes horribly wrong! If you are ever out hiking or camping and suddenly come across the overwhelming rotting-blood like smell of a Navajo Skinwalker, then you need to get the heck out of the area as quickly as possible, as this is sometimes a warning to stay away!,,,
It looked right at us and I know I was paralyzed with fear as it dashed away the opposite way from us, towards a creek that ran through the yard. One time driving back from Gallup, my dad saw an old navajo woman walking on the side of the road and when he slowed to offer her a ride she took off into the plains, quickly with inhuman speed. It looked up at us, gave a little huff and bounded off, I don’t remember if it moved unusually fast or not, but do remember it had really deep yellow eyes. "Skinwalkers Smell Like Death", pics source & license,

I followed them for what seemed like 10 or 15 minutes and then I snapped out of it. It did move quickly, but not quick enough to avoid the light from a nearby light post and the porch lights. What I remember most was how its eyes were so fucking bright white, and it was humanoid-dog shaped with a human like head but a dog like body but human hands and feet. In the Navajo language, the word “skinwalker” is yee naagloshii and translates to “he who walks on all fours.”.

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I decided to join my bestie Karen for a three day stay at her grandmothers place on the Rez. I think “perfect two for one.” So I pump a shell into the chamber of Mr. 12 gauge and then it happened.

It was a shit hole.