Nervous, he said to guard he need "use the can", but the guard refuse. Luther Thompson | Is Brandon James really out there? The big reveal for Season 2 of Scream was now official. The boyfriend thing has been done. Or maybe this is just the beginning of someone else’s story…? Kieran is visibly confused by call. | Cookie Settings, Who was behind the Ghostface mask this time?

That seems promising, right? by Scream Season 2 has finally ended, and the killer has finally been revealed. I hope we get to show that. He was just pretending to be Emma's boyfriend while Piper tried to destroy her life. He set fires and killed people and moving about and showing up and changing his costume. I thought I might be a sacrificial character (laughs) as most characters are on our show. I was ecstatic. But some people will be surprised and there will always be people who think they know and then won't admit when they're wrong and when they were surprised. But Kieran follows her and Eli follows him. Do you think Kieran feels any guilt about his murders, especially Eli since he was family? Why, you might ask? Retweet if you want @MTV to #RenewMTVScream for Season 3., — SCREAM World (@MTVScreamWorld) August 13, 2016. It's very wise of these showrunners as a tactic in general to withhold the information until they get exactly what they want and then provide the reveal. When he said "who told you that you can wear my mask? Kieran Wilcox was a main character of the television series Scream. The third killer's identity is unknown. Both of which showing up seemed very suspicious to Emma, but things went from bad to worse for three of them. Evil-doer The killer respond by slicing his throat. Charlie Walker | I don't know. © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter Alias

Years later, Brandon was shot, and therefore lost Maggie, but not before impregnating her with their future daughter Piper Shaw. Stu Macher | I thought I would surely die. This is the part of the article where we give you one last warning that there are major spoilers coming up and if you have not seen the Season 2 finale of Scream and don’t want it spoiled for you, you might want to turn back now.

The call leaves the door open for a potential third season of the series, which is awaiting word on its future. It's a dark horizon.

I think it's worked out rather well. They were in a police car, it crashed, then the killer sets them free. Just for purposes of making sure that all the information is told in the right context, let’s do a quick recap of the finale episode for Season 2 of Scream so we can reveal the killer with his/her backstory and see what kind of spoilers we can dig up for Season 3 of Scream on MTV. Enraged from the fact Brandon left his mark despite losing Maggie, Troy decided to put the mask again and kill Kieran. I think he's really bummed he got caught. Type of Villain Did you suspect that Kieran was the killer? About Our Ads

Then there was the part of the Scream Season 2 finale episode where Kieran got a phone call in jail and someone told him he/she was mad that he was using “his mask” for their escapade. It was really intense. Television At the end of When a Stranger Calls, Kieran Wilcox is revealed as the accomplice of Piper Shawin Season 1, but instead of being killed, he is arrested. Chloe Sound off on that and your hopes for a third season in the comments section below. Although it was Kieran that finished him off, Emma now has innocent blood on her hands. SneakingMurder methodsHigh IntellegenceManipulationBrute strengthSpeed Everybody was just vibrating, all working off each other's energy. Unknown Sydney Bucksbaum, [Warning: This story contains spoilers from the Scream season-two finale, "When a Stranger Calls."]. As the father of Emma Duval and husband of Maggie Duval, he wanted to get even with the person who almost killed his daughter on one hand, and frame Brandon James for being his love rival on the other hand. From the first movie. But things did not go as planned and there was a struggle. Some stuff happens, Brooke gets stabbed and Audrey gets kidnapped. Frame Brandon James for the murders of the high school teenagers. Movies The season ended with Kieran alive but in jail, receiving a call from someone claiming to be the late Brandon James. ", he meant to make it appear as if Brandon is upset with Kieran failing to live to his legacy. Sure enough, a picture of Audrey tied up and gagged gets sent to Emma’s phone and the killer tells her to come alone. “Or maybe, Lakewood, you’ll always be Murderville. In prison, one of guards inform him that his lawyer is calling, Kieran answers the phone and someone with Lakewood Slasher's voice tells him: "Hello Kieran. They were night shoots, obviously, and it was a compressed schedule, so everything was really heightened. I wonder what his capture will do to him. Brandon James (or someone claiming to be him) called Kieran in prison in the last scene of the finale, so it definitely seems like his story isn't over yet. Kieran is visibly confused by call. And as for what's going to happen with my character, I do not know. Kieran Wilcox | You just don't know how you're going to be taking the material and massaging it to fit into the story. To lure her to the island he sent an email to Jeremy to rekindle the legend of Anna Hobbs. It was my most exciting scene to shoot of the entire show. We had to keep Kieran on a slow shift to full crazy, if you will, to not tip off the audience before the reveal. Last season, everyone thought that Kieran was the killer. Of course, between the first and second season, things changed. to do with sheriff's son Acosta. He was also furious with Audrey for shooting Piper, whom he had already known before they both arrived at Lakewood. Crimes In the final scenes of the season-two finale, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) realized from an offhand comment that Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) made while "protecting" her from Ghostface that he was actually the one behind the mask. His words "who told you that you can wear my mask?"

The meaning of the words "who told you that you can wear my mask?"

The legacy of Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) lives on in MTV's Scream series. Our executive producers changed. John Milton | It is possible this killer is the main antagonist of the series as it is likely they are the same one that killed all the teenagers and framed Brandon James which caused the events of the whole series. KillingFraming Brandon James as a psychopathCalling his victims and terrorising them But I was really excited to be in the ranks of the killers in the franchise. Killing Kieran was her way to fix the mistakes she did. I didn't know if I was ultimately going to be a heroic character or a sacrificial character or the killer all season. Kieran was the killer in both Season 1 and Season 2 of Scream. Terms of Use | By killing Kieran, she closed the cycle of blood, and made peace with herself. Jill Roberts |

Showrunners said that reason why the killer called Kieran is tied into the complete history and fabric of the town. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Serafini about the moment that he found out he was the season-two killer, what this means for his future on the show and more.

. The show followed the tactics of the first movie in making the boyfriend the obvious suspect at first and then drawing suspicion away from him before revealing he actually was the killer, making the twist all the more shocking. When did you find out that Kieran was the killer? The big reveal for Season 2 of Scream was now official. What did you think of that twist when you found out Kieran had been working with Piper the whole time? Hobby Well, this is the finale episode and the Scream killer can have more fun with them if they are not being held for murder at a police station. And then just taking it all away and giving it to one person. I'm definitely glad I didn't know. They end up back in that orphanage.

Origin This is the part where some old storylines from the original Scream franchise start to take shape and the scene looks all too familiar. So are you gonna tell me who you are?" Emma ended up with the upper hand and something happened that had never happened on a Scream franchise episode or film — the killer lived and went to jail. Nameless Murderer, GhostfaceLakewood SlasherLakewood KillerThe Killer, Murder methodsHigh IntellegenceManipulationBrute strengthSpeed. But there's been a lot of suspicion that Kieran is not totally innocent. It's a Usual Suspects tactic of almost letting every actor believe that their character might be the killer and letting them play with that, capturing singular moments of suspicious looks and intentions. He was Brandon James' older brother, who took care of him for most of their childhood. The showrunners tipped me off. Powers/Skills Kieran Wilcox is a main character in Scream only to be a member on the lakewood six. At the end of When a Stranger Calls, Kieran Wilcox is revealed as the accomplice of Piper Shaw in Season 1, but instead of being killed, he is arrested.