Matthew Troiano: I think that the reasonable explanation is that he deleted the footage. TRYSTEN MULLIS: So, he just told me to get it myself. Police started investigating Mullis' husband, Todd Mullis, after learning she was considering leaving him. … She is a threat to Jerry and his family. But the number of puncture wounds, combined with the couple's marital problems, led investigators to think otherwise. MAUREEN HUGHES: Amy Mullis was a young and beautiful woman. … possibly three times.

Afterwards (when Kelly Overton exits the show due to her pregnancy) Scarlett becomes the temporary main character until the finale when Vanessa returns to the show and is turned into a "different kind of hybrid". … we have a problem here.

TERRI STANER: She left because it was kind of a deal she made with her husband.

And just like Todd Mullis, his son was his alibi. Dina Nesheiwat: When that happened, Todd wrote on a sheet of paper, "What the F was that?". Cleaver insists the government will attempt to give him time even if he does plead guilty. This is supposed to be America where … You shouldn't have to prove your innocence. I wanna try to maybe help my mom and help my dad" … And you know, that's culminated in he has to testify against his father. This was her first time out of the house. By Adrienne Tyler Aug 01, 2020. At some point those opposites didn't attract anymore. I'm responsible?". "48 Hours" has chosen not to show his face.

DR. CRAIG THOMPSON: I found it very difficult to see how -- four tines could cause six holes in a single impact. Trysten said he and his dad continued working together for about another hour-and-a-half in the barn, then headed to an office at the front.

She had talked about wanting to get married eventually with him.

Matthew Troiano: Tristan gets into the passenger seat. And then … the rest were undecided. The rake has just four tines – so why does she have six puncture wounds? PATRICIA CHRISTOPHERSON: He made her happy. Produced by Betsy Shuller, Lisa Freed and Lauren Clark. Missy Peregrym A scuffle ensues and we jump over to Cleaver (Richard Roxburgh), who is awoken by Wendy (Caroline Brazier). Jim Axelrod: Literally, the math doesn't add up. Cleaver joins and has coffee, while Barney (Russell Dykstra) prepares for the kids for school. He said he believed his cats had accidentally knocked the antennas off the window ledge while they were trying to find a warm spot to sit. They also chat about David’s trial, with Cleaver insisting it must’ve been an accident.

Scarlett found her purpose in the Rising, in a way that very few do. It's terrible. Jim Axelrod: How would you describe his reaction? Occupation As Nicole's relationship with Bevan hots up, she and Barney agree that they should part. One of the most anticipated witnesses at Todd Mullis' murder trial was Todd and Amy's now-14-year-old son Trysten.
TRYSTEN MULLIS: It's kind of an open barn…  It's about a hundred … a football field long. DR. KELLY KRUSE: To me they indicate that she would have to be impaled with the rake at least twice. Four days earlier, Amy had undergone an outpatient medical procedure.